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old skool
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Defense Invasion Released

Defence Alliance, a UT, UT2004 and UT2007 Total Conversion
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DA Team
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Originally Posted by FluXs
I thought wtf!, then I saw the thread name

Nice RIP tbh!

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Target pratice for others....
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Well, atleast it doesn't copy DA.
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invasion was a basic rip off of old da but less well done

well played it all i can say is it fun but gets old quick
and no servers
maps r to small with not enough ammo or guns right in wrong place so if u run out ur screwed. health is a luxury never any about or feck all in map with same prob as guns
bots can jump over parts of maps and come from behind
but one good thing maxed it out on bots and skill level and fps where flying high
so looks like u can do da2 with loads of bots with out lag being a prob and fps high
eeek uffclub site gone domain now gay porn
(me think's Jackeh has come up with a new way of making money )

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