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Old 11th Oct 2004, 10:52 AM   #1
Lets Rock
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Hey guys, I just noticed something in the UT2004 work section, there seems to be a typo -


No Limit Translocator
The Ambient Light Suit lets you toggle an ambient light around you on and off. For the UT2004 version, you can now specify the brightness, hue, saturation and radius of the light in the mutator config menu!
Download (1.86KB)


[EDIT] Found another typo, in the UT section -


Origin Overkill
WeaponMage brings about a new set of interesting and cunning weapons for your perverse enjoyment. Why not pulverise your enemies with the Pulse Cannon, or perhaps frustrate them with the ASMD Nuke? You're sure to have fun with this!
Download (944.17KB)

I've got a fever... And the only prescription is more cowbell.

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Old 11th Oct 2004, 11:26 AM   #2
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what typo? where?
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Old 11th Oct 2004, 03:00 PM   #3
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Oh my god, what the hell happened there.

Must've been when I was porting the descriptions across to the new layout. Will fix asap, thanks for noticing.
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