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Saw it coming

What can you say really? You have totally ****ed this up.

Abs, you are an extremely CRAP team leader. If most 'oldskool' people have left didnt it hit you the fact that you are creating a piece of **** and no one wants to be a part of it

still you proceed...

You are too caught up in releasing 'community updates' and other pieces of worthless info to actually code the game. You got yourself caught in this self-congratulatory and hype bull****

still you proceed...

Now you have run out of time, stupid ideas, people and fans you have finally made a CORRECT decision and laid down the mod instead of releasing a half-made, longhorn version of DA.

Thank you for the huge waste of time, hope I never hear from you in the future

Eizo Eizo, he da man, if he can't do it, no-one can!

Eat Narfy Noodles
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old skool
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sry, but you are an weirdo.
start thinking before you write things like that. i hope those forums got shut down immediately so I don't need to read things like that ever again. What a community, always bitching around and giving like zero support. yeah, we all like having worked for you guys.
Blame the members who left and not those who worked hard till the end. i don't see why someone like you deserves that much attention. don't you think that was a hard decision for abs to make ? And the rest of the team.
even for me it was quite a shock, cause this came totally out of the blue. And now you think you need to some wise guy. Hooray. I hope I never hear from you in the future. People like you cand destroy communities and mods. Always whining, complaining, not being satisfied with nothing, taking away motivation from an entire team of talented people. Good job, good sir.
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DA2 continues nevertheless.

Thanks for ur opinion even if expressed in a bad way.
- aBsOlUt
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Wow, that was pretty harsh bud. Everyone's entitled to their opinion though I suppose.
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