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Old 14th Feb 2002, 05:59 PM   #1
Terminal {DTH}
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Unhappy Gah! no internet!

if it isnt ONE damned thing is another. im sure youve all head that but lately that chiche' has taken on a particularly bitter aspect for me.

Last week there was a BIG storm here that uprotted trees knocking down power lines, destroying a few homes and even automobies causing MASSIVE chaos with all the littered mess on the streets. incidentally causing many car accidents because of a downed tree or wing gust blowning a vehicle into another. (wind speeds of 80mph in some areas)

ANYhoo at my place we may have lost power for 5+ hours but the phone at least worked. it STOPPED working half way into the next day.

Qwest came out day or so later and told me saying i had power from the box and checked out the jacks inside telling me it was a relitive simple problem wring with the wiring inside the place.

ok, i thougt and insted of paying the Exorbant ammount to have HIM fix it right then & there i called maintance to have them fix it free. when thta guy came by the next day he couldnt fathem what the problem was (so much for a simple fix) and that the line in the back bedroom was actually working.

now i thought this strange on a few levels... the qwest guy told me that was a seperate line with a differant number. odviously that was not the case since someone called in on that line when i had the phone plugged into that jack after i found out what the maintance guy found out.

by now i was thinking... well, no big deal. ill just move my computer in the back room till the qwest guy can come Back out here and fix whatever the hell really IS wrong. (maintance couldnt fix it and told me to have Qwest do it and they'd pay for it since they couldnt) even tho the phone worked there i still couldnt connect up with my DSL. and that night i noticed that even THat jack stopped working.

calling qwest i set up a repair for the next day for between 8 -12 am. not only did he not show up Then he didnt show up at ALL yesterday! i was more then a little upset over that you can immagian. TOday i called up again to ask "What the hell???" and was told it was sceduled to be fixed by tommorow at 6pm. i told the guy i couldnt stay home All day for 2 days jus waiting on someone who may or may not show up! his answer to this problem was saying they could give me a call before comming over.
i felt like screaming. still do. i am NOT at their fking bek & call to wait like a bride for her lover! ARRRRGH!!!!

i expect more delays and mouning frustration before i actually DO have working service once again. currently i am at the liberary with my son. i cant stay here long but will try to come back when i can even tho i will be speratic at best.

this REALLY blows! with no internet ive played my games to Death finishing two in record time since i have nothing better to do. =(

On the positive side tho, some of you may remember i was haing problems with my new system. well i got that sorted out.... more or less anyway. reason i say that is becuase even tho i got the splat out of my decive manager with a easy onstall of USB 2.0 driver *yeah! chears that THAT was so easy to figure out* what IS tweeky however is that the system is HIGHLY unsble with both ram chips in it. same type if youre curious so it isnt an incompatability in that manner. the ONLY differance between the two is that one is 256 and the other is 128. other then that they are they are the same name and speed.
Both work well enough alone, but together they dont seem to want to. farding bizzar as hell let me tell you.

sorry for being so long winded peolpe, but ive got to go now anyway. my son is getting bored and ive got to make sure he is entertained. see ya when i see ya i guess.
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Old 14th Feb 2002, 10:36 PM   #2
Terrible, Terrible Damage!
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In my area, no trees were knocked, or anything broken...
But the fences were down on the ground though.

Lights were flickering in and out during the storm...
Man, I hope it gets good soon, Term.
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Old 15th Feb 2002, 04:11 PM   #3
Terminal {DTH}
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you were lucky GS. we lost power for 5+hrs. burned a lot of wax that night we did.

anyhow it looks that my fears were unfounded since i am now back online again. and it Feels DAMN good!

didnt realise how much time i spend online until i couldnt Get online.
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Old 15th Feb 2002, 04:18 PM   #4
Registered User
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I see your storm and raise you loaning my DSL bridge to let you guys keep posting till Pete got a replacement. Almost 3 days of no online activity. If it wouldn't have been for a net connection at werk, I'd have gone crazy. And now that I got the flu, it's even more important to have access.

After this episode, I realize how much I depend on the net for keeping in touch with friends that are far away. Even if it's just harassing each other via Jabber/ICQ.

I almost feel human again.

"...and France surrendered!"
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Old 15th Feb 2002, 04:25 PM   #5
Amused One
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I think my head is going to explode one of these days from trying to decipher the, erm, "creative" spelling in one of Terminal's posts.

That said, being without internet access is like being without your car. Even if it's just for a day, it drives you nuts. Amazing how we got along perfectly well without it for years, but now we go berserk if we can't check our email whenever we want.

I'm not sure if that's progress or not...
A ham sandwich is better than nothing.
Nothing is better than true love.
Ergo, a ham sandwich is better than true love.
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Old 15th Feb 2002, 04:40 PM   #6
Registered User
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Join Date: Jul. 16th, 2001
Location: The Right Coast
Posts: 257
Well, for me at this point in my life it's important as a tool to keep in touch with my friends back in my home town. If I still lived there, it wouldn't be that important, just a way to amuse myself from time to time. Living alone in a small town with no friends from my generation, I've become dependent on the net .

It's just like the car analogy, people in NYC & other large cities do fine without a car. Hell, if I lived there, I would sell my car. I wouldn't need it, what with a food shop on practically every street corner. If I had close friends in this town, I would use the net less. Some people use bars and nightclubs like some of us use this forum, it's a place to socially and have fun.

what the hell was my point in this reply? Oh yeah, it's just a matter of perspective as to what's important in one's life. Is it progress? We probably will never be able to figure it out until the next Big Thing(tm) comes along and gives us yet another point of view.

"...and France surrendered!"
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Old 15th Feb 2002, 07:31 PM   #7
Terminal {DTH}
Posts: n/a
spelling skillz not withstanding ild VASTLY prefer not to have a car (and indeed i do not anymore) then not have my (broadband)internet access.

you were only down for three days larry? i got ya beat there, and by a good bit at that. i was out for 5+ days.
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