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They're saying that the online component is 90% of the experience right now.

Also, what one reviewer is saying:
That doesn't mean that I can't tell you what I think of it so far, though – and I can say that if you've been hoping for good things from Armored Core V, you won't be disappointed. It doesn't do much to make the mech genre more accessible – it'll explain things once, if it explains them at all, and most of the knowledge that you accumulate about how the game works comes from bitter experience and poring over part descriptions in menus. But once you've taken the time to get comfortable with the game, it's enormously rewarding. That entry barrier is worth climbing.
It's structured around a worldwide battle for dominance between different mech teams. The first thing you're prompted to do is either join an existing team or create one of your own; from then on your every action contributes to the group's overall standing, improving the team's overall level and earning points that can be spent on conquering new territories.

The money you earn is your own, of course, as are the parts that you buy, but you can trade with other players if you like. There is a single-player component of sorts: Order and Story missions let you sortie alone, taking on AI-controlled VTs, giant armoured trains, squads of tanks and more in carefully-designed missions. Even these, though, allow you to take another player along for support – and it's not an easy game, so that support will be very welcome.

The mechs in Armored Core V are smaller and more nimble than many. They can fit in the alleyways between tall buildings and stand on their roofs without falling straight through them, making this a fast-paced and tactical game. Instead of stomping forward in a straight line and blowing things up if they get in your way, you have to look out for the laser-sights of long-range sniper mechs and approach clusters of enemies or VTs from behind or above, using recon darts and your mech's scan mode to scope out threats before they're upon you.
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