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Eh, so games only appeal to the builder in you if they are about mecha? World of Tanks is extremely popular and highly rated, there's a ton of tank customization and then you play with them in multiplayer matches online.

Setting that aside, I've never played a decent mech game I've thoroughly enjoyed TBH. The main samplings I've had are Mech Warrior 1/2 when I was a kid, Armored Core 2 in my teens, and then Mech Assault 2 a little later. Mech Ass2 was pretty plain, just an straight up action game. I liked Armored Core 2 for the customizability, but I really hated the maps and combat mechanics.

Once again I'll say this game looks pretty interesting, but I think I've grown waaaaay out of console games and the wonders of mechs and customizability. Maybe I should give it a chance (actually play it) just for old times sake though.

Also, that "ultimate melee weapon" looks really effing dumb. Stick with plasma swords please.

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