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What the hell is this "ballin" thing?
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Originally Posted by Angel_Mapper View Post
Oh shi-.
lol, hourences is probably really pissed
When he has a team of twelve behind him who pour as much effort and love into their project as they can, he expects to come first i'm sure. Then you come along and pwn him with a five minute Ued job. (I'm not bagging out your mod, i love it And i know it took more then 5 minutes. )

Originally Posted by Phopojijo View Post
Or catch The Ball Dev Team with performance enhancing drugs.
I can't wait Hourences will be whipping his team much harder at the very least.
< This guy is wondering how the story in UT3 had anything to do with a tournament.
< this guy says "What story? STFU mutherfrukeres, this game is crap! wasting my 50 buxxors epic suxxors my coxxors!!!lol!!!1one"
< this guy is 1337 and has his reasons for playing UT1 instead of 2kx/3, which as everyone knows, is the best ut game ever
< and this guy is a console n00b, enjoying his "Designed for PS360" copy of UT3. He lives in pure bliss
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