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Originally Posted by Renegade Retard
Welcome to the forums!

Try not to use the "killbots" command. The Single Player Campaign CAN be beaten, as many of us have done it. By taking the easy way out, you're robbing yourself of some very good training and experience. If you get stuck on a particular part (and there are many levels ahead of you much tougher than that one), simply try different tactics and strategies. You'll be amazed what you can learn.

Good luck!
As usual, Ren is right. Cheating won't give you any satisfaction for actually winning the game. These guys can be a drag rather than helpfull quite often, but with a few basic commands bound to keys you don't currently use, you can at least make sure they're doing something.

Go to Settings - Input - Speech binder, and bind one or more of the following:
"Hold this position"
"Cover me"
"Search and destroy"

Most people here will argue that the single player is only a fraction of the fun you can have with this game, so don't get frustrated if it doesn't work. This game is meant to be played online, and in emergencies, you can always play any map you want in Instant Action. So don't keep trying until you're tired of the game alltogether

PS: the bots' intelligence is based upon your own strengths in the earlier levels, so they are set to play better than you, no matter what your skill level.
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