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Mother of all BS

I'm officially taking over bulletsounds4 from yurch. With the help of NTKB and any other serious beta testers willing to help I hope to get this into a "stable" state asap.

As Iím taking over this project, it will be renamed Real Tragets or, to be more precise, "Real Targets with Tracers" because the tracer part will stay in.

My primary objective would be to get the detection as accurate as possible for all static positions. Animation will probably never be correctly covered by Real Targets unless wake up one morning with some mystical solution... so don't ask.

The next objective will be to add "critical" spots detection, just like the head. That would be something like the heart. It's all to be determined and, over everything else, I have to see if that's even possible (my first impression tells me yes).

Then, when that is all looking nice, I'll consider further additions... NT already suggested more tracer type.

Anyway, RealTargets version 1 is already compiled. It's basically Bulletsouds4 with only a few minor modifications. The first public release will get out as soon as we actually get something fixed *wink*

P.S. No, yipyip, I won't call it MOABS...

A big thanks to [101st]_Blitzschlag for the European mirrors

| Public Beta release 3 (version 1.1.0b) (28.09.2004 18:15 EST) [CAN]
| Readme: RealTargets_beta_28.09.2004.pdf
|Mirror 1 [DE]
| Public Beta release 2 (version 1.0.2b) (22.09.2004 01:25 EST) [CAN]
| Readme: RealTargets_beta_21.09.2004.pdf
| Mirror 1 [DE]
| Public Beta release 1 (version 1.0b) (17.09.2004 03:36 EST) [CAN]
| Mirror 1 [DE]

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