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Vaskadar 28th Nov 2011 04:13 PM

Armored Core 5
There are a few good things that come out of Japan, one of which is Giant Robots. You don't really need to list the other ones, but... yeah.

Armored Core 5 is shaping up quite nicely, and the gameplay restructuring looks promising in comparison to the last two iterations. Namco-bandai will be distributing the game in the NTSC and PAL regions in the first quarter of 2012. I'll probably be one of the only people on this forum buying the game, seeing as it is a niche market game. I am convinced that this focus on the smaller size of the ACs and more detailed environments will prove to be far more interesting than the past two lackluster games.

The online multiplayer will be a persistent-style game, involving 6 major factions vying for control of the world. Chromehounds had 3 major factions, and AC5's online model is going to be based off of the Chromehounds system, most likely. It is also likely that this thread will get buried alongside all the other niche market game threads.

SleepyHe4d 28th Nov 2011 09:54 PM

Wow, not sure if like.

Not considering graphics, the combat definitely looks a ton better than Armored Core 2, the only version I played. That was sluggish and boring, seemed like there was no depth to the combat besides unloading on each other as fast as possible.

This looks pretty cool, but it's almost too much crazy anime style movement, what's the point of it having legs or being a mech if it's gonna be hovering and flying around the whole time? And I'm not sure if I like that type of 3rd person view in a mech game. Maybe if it was zoomed in a little more.

Also I can't tell what the **** is going on with the HUD and the chaos.

NRG 29th Nov 2011 08:16 AM

I haven't played Armored Core in ages. I remember having some fun with it though so I'll probably try to check this out :D

Vaskadar 18th Mar 2012 06:26 PM

Just two more days till NA release.

The game really appeals to the builder in me.

SleepyHe4d 18th Mar 2012 09:40 PM

You should go play World of Tanks.

Vaskadar 19th Mar 2012 09:40 PM


Originally Posted by SleepyHe4d (Post 2555660)
You should go play World of Tanks.

Tanks aren't Mecha. Haven't had a good, decent mech game to play since Chromehounds. Let's ignore that AC4 and AC4:FA were ever developed.

SleepyHe4d 19th Mar 2012 09:56 PM

Eh, so games only appeal to the builder in you if they are about mecha? World of Tanks is extremely popular and highly rated, there's a ton of tank customization and then you play with them in multiplayer matches online.

Setting that aside, I've never played a decent mech game I've thoroughly enjoyed TBH. The main samplings I've had are Mech Warrior 1/2 when I was a kid, Armored Core 2 in my teens, and then Mech Assault 2 a little later. Mech Ass2 was pretty plain, just an straight up action game. I liked Armored Core 2 for the customizability, but I really hated the maps and combat mechanics.

Once again I'll say this game looks pretty interesting, but I think I've grown waaaaay out of console games and the wonders of mechs and customizability. Maybe I should give it a chance (actually play it) just for old times sake though.

Also, that "ultimate melee weapon" looks really effing dumb. Stick with plasma swords please. :(

Vaskadar 19th Mar 2012 09:59 PM

Rentals can't hurt your pocket too much :)

Probably the best in the AC series was Silent Line, if not for the awful control schemes that had been around for such a long time.

Mech Assault 2 was full of gimmicky stuff last I recall. Wasn't any customization either. None of the finer points of mech games.
Not going to knock World of Tanks before I check it out, since I've heard a lot of good stuff about it from our program director at the school I go to. He had a hand in developing the game.

Kyllian 19th Mar 2012 11:46 PM

They need to work on their lighting.
You're not going to go from "OMG BLINDING SUN!" to "wtf midnight" just by turning around

Ah, console only. Nevermind

ambershee 20th Mar 2012 05:16 AM

I like the customisation, and the idea of the boss battles, but the rest looks straight up mediocre. I hate the way gameplay seems to play out.

Lruce Bee 20th Mar 2012 07:43 AM

This is basically a better version of Virtual On that I played on my Saturn, what.... 16 years ago now?
Graphics obviously superior but the gameplay looks identical to me.

Vaskadar 20th Mar 2012 02:37 PM

They're saying that the online component is 90% of the experience right now.

Also, what one reviewer is saying:

That doesn't mean that I can't tell you what I think of it so far, though – and I can say that if you've been hoping for good things from Armored Core V, you won't be disappointed. It doesn't do much to make the mech genre more accessible – it'll explain things once, if it explains them at all, and most of the knowledge that you accumulate about how the game works comes from bitter experience and poring over part descriptions in menus. But once you've taken the time to get comfortable with the game, it's enormously rewarding. That entry barrier is worth climbing.
It's structured around a worldwide battle for dominance between different mech teams. The first thing you're prompted to do is either join an existing team or create one of your own; from then on your every action contributes to the group's overall standing, improving the team's overall level and earning points that can be spent on conquering new territories.

The money you earn is your own, of course, as are the parts that you buy, but you can trade with other players if you like. There is a single-player component of sorts: Order and Story missions let you sortie alone, taking on AI-controlled VTs, giant armoured trains, squads of tanks and more in carefully-designed missions. Even these, though, allow you to take another player along for support – and it's not an easy game, so that support will be very welcome.

The mechs in Armored Core V are smaller and more nimble than many. They can fit in the alleyways between tall buildings and stand on their roofs without falling straight through them, making this a fast-paced and tactical game. Instead of stomping forward in a straight line and blowing things up if they get in your way, you have to look out for the laser-sights of long-range sniper mechs and approach clusters of enemies or VTs from behind or above, using recon darts and your mech's scan mode to scope out threats before they're upon you.

-Jes- 25th Mar 2012 06:28 AM


Originally Posted by SleepyHe4d (Post 2555771)
The main samplings I've had are Mech Warrior 1/2 when I was a kid, Armored Core 2 in my teens, and then Mech Assault 2 a little later. Mech Ass2 was pretty plain, just an straight up action game. I liked Armored Core 2 for the customizability, but I really hated the maps and combat mechanics.


MechWarrior is a goal of excellence all developers should strive for.

Mech.. urggh.. 'assault'.. is a regurgitated console ****stain that should never have seen the light of day.

Firefly 25th Mar 2012 06:39 AM

It would be nice if you could use that old Steel Battalion controller that we all have gathering dust. Apparently mech warrior 3 and 4 can be configured to use it

SleepyHe4d 26th Mar 2012 12:15 PM

Gametrailers AC5 Review

It got a 7.0 and the game still seems to have a severe lack of personality or uniqueness that I felt a lack of in AC2 too. Still, the novelty of this mech style game keeps me interested. Anyone planning to get this? If so then I MIGHT just get it for the coop and multiplayer.

I really wish it was on PC though.

Vaskadar 26th Mar 2012 01:16 PM

Could have done a lot worse than it's doing right now. Look at NG3 and RE:RC. I'm still waiting on my 360 copy to arrive. Been a fan of the series since AC2. Always good to pick one up every now and then to satiate that mecha need. The void that Chromehounds left after its servers were shut down has left me bereft of a decent mech game. I'd say that the learning curve has always been one of FromSoftware's weakpoints in its games, but as far as boss battles go, and online systems, they've improved quite a bit.

Vaskadar 2nd Apr 2012 01:07 PM

So I've gotten my hands on the game finally. The customization, as usual has a good amount of depth, and as you progress alongside teammates in the game world you really get a sense of progress, I should say. The gameplay harks back to the AC3 generation of games, but with added speed, tactics, and maneuverability that the game had lacked before. Let's ignore that Armored Core 4 and For Answer ever existed. The game's weapon balance is a sort of rock-paper-scissors model, with Kinetic Energy, Chemical Energy, and Thermal Energy type weapons. The different parts are specialized for one of these three categories, the mid-weight and lightweight designs being more geared towards kinetic energy defenses, whereas the heavyweights are geared towards Thermal Energy defenses.

Things that will discourage new players: Complex menu system, high number of different statistics to look at, and an advanced level of customization. It is geared towards the mech fan. Oh, and a non-existent storyline. But this is an online-based game, so story shouldn't mean much, if only to paint a background for the world.

Things that I liked about the new game: Reduced speed (compared to 4 and for answer, both had an awful sense of balance and were twitch-based), various tactics, more tactical approach to gameplay, easier-to-use control scheme, improved environmental detail.

Glad it's not 'Zone of the Gundams' with ****ty JP mecha fantasy tropes of blazing fast speed with lazor swerds flying about.

Things that haven't changed: the desaturated colors of the world.

Overall: Better than the last two iterations. Probably the best in the series so far. Excellent online support now for people who like 'team based' groups.

Arnox 3rd Apr 2012 01:10 PM


Originally Posted by -Jes- (Post 2556407)

MechWarrior is a goal of excellence all developers should strive for.

Mech.. urggh.. 'assault'.. is a regurgitated console ****stain that should never have seen the light of day.

This. Mechwarrior 3 was a very underappreciated game. As far as old games go, I wish it still had a community around it. Mechwarrior 4 felt too much like Mech Ass ault

Vaskadar 10th Jul 2012 11:31 PM

Boss Battle in action. 4 players tackle these monstrosities with their mecha.

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