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toniglandyl 11th Aug 2011 04:15 AM

[LAN Party]22-23 oct. near Paris, France
Hello ladies and gents from BuF !
this is an obvious pimping of an event that I'm organizing with my fellow students : a LAN party in the college
the hf.lan. ok, the site is in French, but basically, for 5 euros you can come with your PC stuff and play whatever game you want. for 7 more euros you participate in one of the tournaments which have price pools ! the tournaments are Starcraft 2, Super Smash bros. Melee and maybe League of Legends (depending on the number of people interested).

what do you get once inside :
- unlimited, free drinks ! redbull included (until the stock is empty)
- spaaace ! one large table per person. (image with tables unarranged here )
- a large amphitheater where major matches will be broadcasted and where anyone can shoutcast ! ( pic )
- direct fiber optic internet connection to make sure that everyone can play with no worries.

any BuFer interested ?

BITE_ME 11th Aug 2011 02:05 PM

This Space For Rent. Please Don't Disturb The Current Occupants
Are you going to use the Eiffel Tower as a WiFi antenna?
Are the French people going to be gone during the festivities?

(GR)Killer 11th Aug 2011 08:21 PM

Come to Victoria BC and i'll be intrested.

SlayerDragon 13th Aug 2011 08:54 AM

That's rather far for me. :lol: Good luck with your LAN, though, toni.

toniglandyl 14th Aug 2011 02:15 AM

too bad for you guys. :)
Slayer : the LAN had a bit over 80 participants in april, and we're hoping to get 100-150 gamers in october.
would have loved to see some of you guys over here. :)

Arnox 14th Aug 2011 09:58 PM

How dare you make an awesome LAN party all the way out in the middle of France!

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