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7th Jan 2002, 01:51 AM
What does "Warning:node side limit reached" mean???
It says that when I rebuild my map.....

My node count is 11726
Polys is 4187
and 235 lights
901 brushes, and 14 zones
still dont know how I got that many zones cause I've only got 1 zone info.....

It also says
"Warning: Property Texture Material of Class Engine. Texture not found
Warning: Skipping 1 bytes of type 1"
It repeats both warnings a whole bunch of times.
when I play the map.

Any help would be appreciated...........

7th Jan 2002, 02:30 AM
not sure about the node count, but the zones have nothing to do with the amount of zoneinfo's you have, rather the amount of sealed areas you have, either by an area totally blocked by walls, or you place zoneportal's to block off areas.

about the textures, not sure either, but i always (and you should too) type "texture cull" in the command line right before my final rebuild before release. that eliminates all unused textures from being loaded during play.