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[Magic] Rabbit
5th Jan 2002, 06:22 AM
Epic Megagames (am i the only one who remembers them?) are the real people who have the Unreal Universe & Concept by the balls as well as the classic Epic Pinball. They have brought on side Legend Entertainment to Develop Unreal2 (http://www.unreal2.com) also mentioned on Epic's own site, and the Unreal Developers Network are Unreal Championship, and Unreal Warfare.
Unreal 2 is to have (like Unreal 1) a strong Single Player mode with a lot of Multiplay options to boot. U2 will also feature everyones favourite love-to-hate race of aliens the Skaarj but no Necris or any other previously mentioned race. Unreal Championship as everyone knows is to be released on XBox, though no confirmed news of a PC release yet, and with U2 & UW why bother? And Finally, Unreal Warfare appears to be set to come out on PC and PS2 judging by the info on the Unreal Developers Network, although you can't actually view the info unless you've licsensed the Unreal Engines, you can see the topic titles, including "Warfare" Licensee PS2 Details... all of this information comes from fact, i am not aware if you all already know this or not, but judging from some of the rather ropey rumours on this board (i.e. trying to link Dark Sector with any of the Unreal Games - Dark Sector is a separate project) peeps aren't doing their research properly!

P.S. for those who are hoping for UC to come out on their PC without using an emulator:

Although Unreal Championship takes place in the same dark future as Unreal Tournament, it is not a sequel. Unreal Championship is a new chapter in the history of the Unreal Universe that is exclusive to Xbox.

Tetris L
5th Jan 2002, 06:47 AM
/me = confused

Is that your opinion or are you quoting somebody at Epic?

If it's your opinion, then what is your point?

5th Jan 2002, 10:34 AM
If that is what Epic is saying.. may I suggest that it would be in their best interests to release it to the public.

"ropey rumours" get started when people are confused, and with no official comments (other than "no comment") from Infogrames what do you expect? That's good and well for Epic to have that on their developer site, but seeing as how it's not a public site it doesn't do anyone any good does it?

5th Jan 2002, 10:38 AM
Originally posted by [Magic] Rabbit
Epic Megagames (am i the only one who remembers them?)

Yeah... I remember when Epic Games was called Epic Megagames. What's the point?

I also don't think that anyone believes UC will come out on the PC. I think UT2 is close enough to UC to satisfy that desire.

5th Jan 2002, 11:28 AM
Believe Apache, if there are any PU doubters out there: (http://www.voodooextreme.com/comments.taf?postID=24528)

UT 2 officially confirmed 4:42 PM - Robert "Apache" Howarth - Games: Action - (28)
Some of you sticklers who want some "official" type of confirmation that Unreal Tournament 2 is in development will take some comfort in this statement that Infogrames just sent over regarding that very topic.

Infogrames confirms Unreal Tournament 2 in the making by Digital Extremes. As rumored all week online, the co-creators of Unreal and Unreal Tournament are currently working on the sequel to the infamous 1999 Game of the Year. Late next week, in conjunction with the February issue of PC Gamer, Infogrames will officially announce the game and detail all the news currently available at this point in development. The cover story includes an in-depth interview with the development team at Digital Extremes, specifics about the gameplay and globally exclusive artwork to be seen only in PC Gamer.

You can of course already see that exclusive artwork, screen shots & press kit (unless they have different stuff) online right here (http://www.ve3d.com/comments.taf?postID=24487). Update - A couple of the PC Gamer editors and Infogrames PR reps mailed in to clarify that PC Gamer will indeed have some different artwork and screen shots that have yet to be seen online...

5th Jan 2002, 01:15 PM
im going to lock myself in my room for 3 years and come out when all of these unreal games are released and see what the hell happened and what was released and for what system. :D

its to much trouble trying to figure out what is what :D

10th Jan 2002, 10:45 PM
Infamous? Daikatana is infamous, UT is hugely popular!