View Full Version : adminmod / psychostats?

2nd Jan 2002, 04:04 PM
i just started playing infiltration due to my patience finally running out with cheaters usuing the half life engine. But playing counter strike i did enjoy the server side add ons like admin mod and psychostats, is there anything like this for infiltration?


Puppeteer (Ghepetto)
2nd Jan 2002, 06:02 PM
Not to my knowledge, but I do know of some global online stats engines. You might try CSports.net You can set up an account for free and it keeps track of all of your aliases/nicks and your stats on a global level. It has many online games that it keeps track of.

Another stats engine I know of is TheCLQ.com Although I like CSports.net better, TheCLQ has a different way of ranking you with the rest of the world.

There also is ngStats, which comes with UT I think. But I like this one the least. I'm not sure if it even has Infiltration in it. It only has a section labeled 'mods'.

Hope this helps you. Welcome to the Infiltration community :)