View Full Version : Genarel Weapons mods/replay

2nd Jan 2002, 03:56 PM
I enjoying makeing weapons at least redoign them so the game play is diffrent
I've had no problem gettign to the files I need in quake/quake 2/unreal/unreal turny/Jedi Knight
not tried quake 3..but I dont like q3 anyway,might try return to wolfenstin,but this one game tyhat has me going insane Blood 2 I want to change the weapons aropund so bad but the way the lithtech files are setup I cant find the class files 0_o I have winrez but still no dice..I've been looking for help for a week now but no luck so I'm posting here any advice on help?
is it me or is the duke/blood engine better than the frist lithtech engine?
sure its pretty but heck it dosent work well...at least not for blood 2...or they left out ALOT of things...ack!~ I better stop befor I strat ranting....

I have not played Unreal in a year I hope to re start it with my own weapon mods I cant make models or skins tho...

Default plasma pistol
I was hopeing to make the norm fire faster but since I dont understand how the powerup works I will leave it be but the alt fire I want to change into a floating energy grnade :)

either a machinegun type thing ot mabye change the alt fire into a heat seeking bullet...or at least a projectile of some kind,or use the exsplosive bullet..
mini exsplosie grnade/bullet use spike projectile for look but shrink it.

my fav weapon in the game to bad its not in UT
I want it to richet(bounce off walls) :)

Not realy sure

Bio Slug

Flack Cannon
not realy sure

Mini/chain gun
Firestorm cannon
use the exsplive bullets :)

Razor Jack
I want to change alt fire into a slower but better seeking shot..it will find you MA AHAHAHAHA