View Full Version : LoK .... open tryouts

27th Dec 1999, 01:43 AM
hey all , Iccy here .. co-leader of LoK , we are looking for a few ( 2 tops) UT and preferably Q3 players, you must me quite good ofcourse and have a good attitude to match those skills, we dont put up with flamers and stuff, calm cool and destructive is our type /~unreal/ubb/html/smile.gif we were a sin clan and got to be 1 of the best ones to walk that game , but sin is over and we wanna move on to a new game... ie UT/Q3... we play ALOT of CTF and assult is a fav among us too , so teamwork is a must as well , if you are intrested contact me at icq#22919600 or dgomas@ozline.net

27th Dec 1999, 04:37 AM
Give us a couple weeks to get goin and <V> might like to scrim.

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