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26th Dec 1999, 04:52 PM
Hey all,
I just got a new wireless Logitech keyboard and mouse(x-mas gift, they really kick as$) anyway, all of my other progs run fine. Well when I try to run UT it works fine but I get stuck in the opening screen because I cannot hit escape like you have to. So it obviously not reading my keyboard, anyone know how to change your keyboard setup or fix this? Thanks for any help.

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26th Dec 1999, 06:41 PM
hey dont feel bad .... I have a wireless keyboard too... I love it .. but I have no ten 10 key like most keyboards. so I cant play everquest... (ps any one want to buy a copy of everquest never used?? *joke*) Ifeel for you sorry I have no help for the problem your experiencing. good luck

26th Dec 1999, 07:43 PM
I had a wireless Logitech. It has it's own software to install, did you do this? Doesn't it have a mouse/keyboard properties in control panel? There should be a diagnostics tab in there to test your settings and communication between your devices. Make sure that you have fresh batteries.
You may have to reset the channel button on your keyboard (its on the edge at the right end of the keyboard).
FYI, I also got them to send me a new receiver unit because I kept getting "stuck keys" at the most inopportune moments.

26th Dec 1999, 07:55 PM
Well I fixed the problem for anyone who wants to know. All I did was turn off the iTouch software or maybe it was cus i rebooted /~unreal/ubb/html/smile.gif

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