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26th Dec 2001, 12:34 PM
We're gearing up a site to sell INF 287 CDs and Ts! Here's the scoop:

For several months we've been working on the best way to put this all together - the concerns are that the selling is secure and that the purchaser gets a quality and timely product.

On Both CDs and Ts:

We'll have a secure site up - that is to say we'll run all credit card purchases through a secure credit card taking partner - no emails with your credit card in them or anything like that, so never fear on your data going astray! We'll also offer everything to be paid through PayPal accounts for those of you who don't have credit cards or prefer that service.

Pre-sales will be coming SOON. I'll post the info as soon as it is ready.

All proceeds (and the profit will be small) will go toward more INF services, from servers to SentryStudios programs, etc. We'll even see what we can do to help out the admins in the INF community with server upkeep, etc, but no promises until we have a better idea of what returns we get. As an example, we've already invested a lot of money in the new INF setup program - we're sure you'll be impressed by how it works for you - and the money for that program (pre-paid by my local company) will come out of the profits, and is NOT added into the cost and passed on to you.

On the CDs:


These will be PRESSED, not burned CDS - so they will be high quality. The CDs themselves will be printed on, and the cover art, inside and out, for the Jewel case will be full color. They will come in a 'half height' jewel case and shrink-wrapped by the manufacturer. All order will be mailed out in bubble-wrap encelopes to ensure they arrive in good shape. Orders will also be guaranteed to arrive in working order or we'll send you a replacement free of charge.

Why buy a CD? Well, lessee:

1) We'll have a LOT of content, and downloading (especially through FPs slow ass system) can be a pain, even for those with high-speed connections.

2) About 10 new maps from the INF team tailored to the new gametypes.

3) About 10 new maps in a map pack from the TbuiltT guys, labled the 'Desert Storm' map pack.

4) All the content you need in one place - including the latest 'online' instruction manual on the CD so you can access it conveniently.

5) An all new setup interface that will install everything for you without the confusing 'this goes WHERE?' searching for help. It will also let you preset some of the INI options so that you're not guessing as to why things don't look the way you think they should - as well as allowing you to test settings without digging through your INI by hand.

6) No more redwonloading problem files or lost files, just patches and updates.

7) You get it FIRST! We've got everything in place so that those people who buy CDs will get the new INF 287 at least a day BEFORE its available for download! And yes, you can always order one copy and share it with your friends locally - the object of the CDs is NOT to make tons of money, but to get INF out there to everyone in a timely fashion with as few problems as possible. Server admins will be especially interested in this so that they can get their servers up and running ASAP.

Pricing (In US $):

Looks like there'll be two prices - one for the continental US, the other for international orders. Due to the varying rates of over-seas shipping, there'll be one price for international orders that will even out for all orders placed - we won't charge you more just because you live in a place that's difficult to deliver to. Final prices will be determined soon, I've given the range below for each order type. We're also looking into a lower price for everyone that just wants the CD but doesn't want it ASAP - price could be up to $5 cheaper for standard shipping.

US Orders (Includes Canadian customers at this time) - Price is targeted at $10 to $15 to have the CD FedExed to you.

International Orders - Price is targeted at $15 to $20 for a priority mailed CD. (Due to the difficulty in shipping overseas, a guarantee on receipt is not possible, but you will be able to look up the suggested shipping times)

On the Ts:

As of now, it will be an Infiltration and SentryStudios logo'd grey T shirt - sizes will range from S to XL, with an additional small fee for XXL sized Ts. All Ts will be QUALITY silk-screened (not the el-cheepo printed or ironed on) shirts, quality GUARANTEED.

Why buy a T?

Well, I for one would like to show my pride in the mod I spend so much time on! If the sales go well, we'll also look at selling boxers (Hehe, Infiltration Boxers, for the discerning adult), caps and other wearables (Polos, Sweatshirts). Besides, its just downright cool to have stuff like this, lol.

Pricing (In US $):

Same scheme as the CDs - although we'll offer just Ts at a rate that reflects standard shipping, not priority or FedEx levels. If you buy a CD AND a T, the pricing for both will be combined and lower than individual sales, AND we'll ship 'em at the same time as the CDs so you'll get both faster!

US (and Canadian) Orders: Looks like $15 per T.
International Oders: About $20 per T.


For a Tshirt and CD, we're aiming at about $5 lower overall than getting them individually - we still need to get a shipping price for that weight, so it may not be that much off, but we'll definately have a lower price.

Well, that's about it for now! I, DaddyBone, will be personally fielding all questions and comments on the CDs and Ts - so if you want to know more or have something to say, email ME, at INFstuff@SentryStudios.com. As the questions come in, I'll add a FAQ to the site for selling the merchandise. The info on the site and updates will come SOON.