View Full Version : UT Demo multi-player question

22nd Dec 1999, 07:48 AM

I have a question that I hope someone can
help me with.

I have the 3.48 version of UT Demo and I
am wondering what limitations there are
playing it in multi-player via internet vs.
the full version of the game.

E.g. i assume that the demo doesn't have
all maps and other stuff.



22nd Dec 1999, 08:08 AM
Other than more skins, maps, taunts, voices, weapons, powerups, and updates, the full version also sports the same maps as the demo, but they are altered (both item placementwise, and often with more pathways and architecture).

You'll get to use NGworldstats again (the demo doesn't use them anymore I think).

You also get access to two other game types: Last Man Standing in which you have limited lives, and Assault, a coop type game in which you have specific objectives.

Plus the background stories of the characters in the demo are changed.

You also get a bunch more mutators built in, such as FatBoy, and the various weapon arenas.

The full version has one slight limitation (and this will be remedied with time) is that only a small fraction of the user-made mutators on PlanetUnreal's server work (they were designed with the demo in mind after all). I'm sure they will be converted over shortly.

Basically other than that and some minor tweaks that only the full version has, the demo is a pretty good idea of what you get with the full version.