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21st Dec 1999, 07:09 PM
installed the 402 oatch and noted that fog is turned off by default with D3D cards. How can I turn it back on? Is it the option for volumetric lighting in the advanced options set up for D3D? If not can someone help me?

21st Dec 1999, 07:31 PM
Yes it is, but according to Epic it will kill your frame rate, which is why they turned it off.

21st Dec 1999, 11:45 PM
If you want to turn it back on, go to the console by pressing the ~ key and type 'preferences' without the quotes. It'll be under rendering/direct3d I think.

Good Luck.

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21st Dec 1999, 11:47 PM
Go to advanced options and enable the "volmetric lighting" to turn the fog on. You may want to leave it off as you will take a performance hit with it on and there are few maps in UT that actually use the effect anyway.