View Full Version : RAVE: you're not going to like this...

6th Dec 2001, 03:46 PM
I noticed a new problem with the ScreenMap in my map when I played it on the Mac. Freya][ has the same problem.
This hadn't and doesn't happen on the PC so my conclusion is that it's caused by the RAVE renderer.

The problem is this: the transparency in the ScreenMap's player icons doesn't work.
There may be other transparency issues but I don't have any suitable test material.
It's very noticeable on Pressurized because the masked colour I used is pink (... go figure why...).
In the attached screenie from Freya][ it's less noticeable as SnowDog's used the map texture's background colour as the mask texture for his icons.

I expect this is the sort of glitch that nothing can be done about. :(
still, at least now it can be documented for future reference.

6th Dec 2001, 04:03 PM
Uhh. I'm afraid you're right---I can't do much about that; I'm just passing through the texture's "masked" flag to the function that draws the icons on the scripted texture.

Thanks for pointing it out, anyway.