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4th Dec 2001, 11:27 AM
I was just browsing through some old reviews and ran across this review of DM-Cypress.


There's no way a good map like this deserves a 4. This map is far above average and considering some of the garbage maps that have gotten 5's and 6's here lately, scoring this one so low is ludicrous. Realistically, this map should be around an 8. There are worse maps that have scored higher.

I think this review needs to be redone. What do the rest of you think?

4th Dec 2001, 12:19 PM
It's already been redone once. It used to a 9, which it definitely does not deserve. But I agree that a 4 is kinda low.

4th Dec 2001, 12:39 PM
It's pretty good quality although the layout and a few other details suck. But maxmodule is not a bad mapper.

4th Dec 2001, 01:06 PM
I just did a quick calculation based on the review schema (which I don't exactly agree with on a few minor points) and being quite critical, I came up with a 7. With a few minor score adjustments based on being slightly less critical, it'd be more like 7.5 which I think would be about right.

DM-Cypress 7.0

Fun 9
Playability 9
Bots 6
Flow 7
Items 7


Theme 6
Architecture 7
Textures 6
Lights 6
Sound 7

What the hey, now that I've done that, I might as well explain my scores and make a full blown review out of it....

The best thing about this map is it's just plain fun. Loads and loads of fun. It's the kind of map that both good players and newbies can have fun on. One thing I really like that adds to the fun is that it's small enough and open enough for 1v1, without turning into a game of hide and seek, yet it's big enough not to feel crowded in TDM and FFA.

It's also extremely playable, poly counts max out at just over 200 in one specific area that's really just a passing through area, no-one stays there. Other than that, polys are usually 100 or less with a few spots where they go up to about 150. No need for the latest, greatest hardware here, this map runs fine on lesser machines too.

Bot support is simple, but adequate, it's not like they need to do anything fancy here.

Flow is good, but it could be better. In particular, though there is Z-axis action it could use some more.

Item placement is ok too, though not perfect. Weapon placement is quite good, and overall the amount of ammo is about right, but much of it is too close to the weapons. Also powerup placement could be better. Powerups are easy to get and except for the shieldbelt not particulary risky. Heath placement is excellent, usually found in pairs and mostly in alcoves and corners where it's a bit risky to grab them in the middle of a fight or while being chased... Especially if the other guy has an explosive weapon like Rockets, Shock or Flak.

There really isn't much of a theme, but everything fits together well and the map has a good sense of continuity from place to place. There is nothing that really sticks out as being "wrong" or not belonging.

Architecture is quite simple, but it looks real, is well put together and the layout makes perfect sense. Connectivity between areas is very good.

Textures are also simple, but they are realistic and have been used sensibly. There are a few minor texture misalignments, but you really have to look to find them.

The worst thing is the lighting. It's too colorful, garish in fact and the shadows don't look right. It's too dark in some places and too bright in others. A bit of ambient light, say 3 or 4 in zoneinfo would have helped a lot by softening the shadows and reducing the contrast between bright and dark areas. On the other hand, the lighting is not horrid and does not detract from the gameplay.

Sound is ok too, not too much, not too little, Nothing outstanding, but nothing bad about it either. Sound placement makes sense, there is a reason for every sound and they are in the proper places.

There is one fair sized BSP hole near the sniper rifle, however it is in a place where it's not very noticable and has no effect on gameplay. This is the kind of hole you generally don't notice while playing, you stumble across it while wandering around alone in the map.

5th Dec 2001, 09:55 AM
Outa pure coincidene I came here, where Im never at, in the forums. And ppl seem to be arguing about one of my oldest maps.
I dont know the Lucquardo, or whatever, that lowered the score - he wasnt around when I was active in the Unreal community NOR when I myself reviewed stuff for NaliCity.

Im just glad that some people actually still seem to play and like Cypress. I dont play UT at all. I never did really.
It sure isnt perfect, nor especially eleet at all, nor does it either suck. But judging from the players they seem to like it,
except for all the colored lights. So listen to them. I do.

I think 7/10 is a righteous score, but since when did NaliCity's reviews start being righteous?!
9.5/10 was the original score, thank you very much, and then it was re-reviewed after a day or so by some other guy saying 9/10.
I'd say that gives the impression that the map is good.
4/10 does not. I parsed maps myself that got below 5/10.

Take care dudes,
I got work to do,

- Anton "jintz" Wiegert aka MaxMod

Eyuva 'S' NRG
6th Dec 2001, 12:15 AM
Nah it's definitely not a 7, far too open of a map. Decent otherwise, cept for the horrid lighting. I'd say a 5 or 6. Best thing about it is the framerates dont tank, which makes it really good for online play.

6th Dec 2001, 08:52 AM
Thoroughly owned by the user review comment courtesy of "SexTech":

OMG! WTF are you doing?! This is the only map i can play a whole round in anymore! All other maps (expecially CTF) i get bored half way through!

6th Dec 2001, 04:54 PM
Originally posted by MaxMod
I got work to do

Of course,

8th Dec 2001, 09:53 AM
dont scoff, saving the planet isnt easy