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4th Dec 2001, 12:35 AM
Heya INF peeps....

Well, just a bit of history, I have played INF version 1 or whatever, through the 2.65 etc to the now 2.86, i cant rememeber all of them, but i played this first about a year ogo, liked it then, got sidetracked for a few months, forgot about it, and im back again


ok first point

Now I was just wondering, all this time, what the hell the firing mode change does in the psg-1 sniper.... it turns the crosshair yellow.. WOW:eek:

Point 2

It costs 9 grand for a sniper with no zoom as well, so a few months ago I did a bit of research (just never posted it, i was researching for other reasons).
The US army use a similar riffle to the psg1, but is has an infinite zoom system up to 12x (like ut, you can zoom any number between 1 and 8.3) zoom for its max range of about 3-4 km (like you could ever use that range, a persons head (someone with a really fat head) looks smaller than a grain of sand at that range if you wanna compare it)).

So consider using this in infiltration, I cannot remember the name of the riffle, as this was a while back, but somethign with that little bit more zoom for massivly long range, pick a zit on his forhead type shots.... those real smart ass shots that you can tell them after "You know how long i lined your head up for then??? I was able to shoot you in the left nostril" hehehehe :D

Well, hope for a bit of responce. Give me a bit of an argument if ya can, like why that is a crap idea, why its a good idea, wether its posible, not etc etc...... Any of your thoughts in general so I can put this in perspective.......

Ta, have a good one, Cyas

4th Dec 2001, 01:42 AM
Some of this belongs in suggestions forum but you do have some good points there. The psg-1 is crap. utter and complete crap. I mean the yellow crosshair burns my eyes in light and dark areas. So it has no real use. Also I also hate how you cannot zoom. So then I heard that they are going to be replacing the psg-1. but I am not sire. Think I heard this somewhere.

4th Dec 2001, 03:48 AM
The PSG-1 scope has a battery-powered reticle illuminator. It is for shooting in low-light surroundings.