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18th Dec 1999, 05:40 PM
First of all I have to say "The king is Dead." ID Software has finnally met its match with UT... Q3 can't even compair. But, I do have a complaint... just one... it is the way you can't advance to other maps without beating the previous... any one else hate this????? It is rediculous... you see I am trying to get past the first map of the Assult game, but I can't why??? because the BOTS suck so bad... it leaves me finding that I am taking on the other team alone. I am trying to fight the crappy bots are swimming in the water or running around doing nothing.. hey GT listen up if you are going to make it so I am DEPENDENT on crappy bots to move to higher leaves then please allow ME to pick and choose which map I WANT TO play... or take some more time and create a patch or two to make these bots a little more useful... dont get me wrong, when you play against the bots they are fine.. but my God they SUCK when it comes time to play CTF or ASSULT and they are on your team... I can't handle 4 on one... maybe someone other players out there can kick *** like that.. but I for one cant....

other than that the Game is truely one of the best of the decade....

18th Dec 1999, 05:52 PM
thats what the commands are for use them to control your bots order them around /~unreal/ubb/html/smile.gif

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18th Dec 1999, 06:02 PM
fusion... I found this pretty useful... ehmmm... before you start the game, press down the "V" button and give the commands... seperate into two teams... send two of them on an offensive attack and one to follow you around... ehmmm... hope that helps...

18th Dec 1999, 08:00 PM
Hmm, while playing at a higher difficulty level will make your opponents smarter, I'd assume it'll also make your team mates brighter as well.


18th Dec 1999, 08:09 PM
You definitely have to use that "v" button. Assaul is tough and it is reliant on your team. Having said that,I had no trouble getting them to help me storm the base. Keep trying.

18th Dec 1999, 08:20 PM
You may already know this, but if there are other maps you wanna play on, you can start a practice match, and choose those maps there.

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19th Dec 1999, 08:05 AM
Teamwork!!! Don't try to take on the force alone. The Bots in Assault and CTF are fine. It's you that don't know how to control them. If you are not good attacking, then order them to attack and you stay back a little to support them by taking out the gun turrents and snipe the defenders (in assaults). The bots will know exactly where to go and complete the objectives. They need support too, you know.

Often in online CTF, if am on a team with 4humans vs 4bots, I switch over to the bots' team. Then I can really kick *** because I order 2 bots to defend, one to cover me. Meanwhile, the other human team is chaotically losted with everybody attacking with no-one defending, haha.

The bots are excellent is the bottom line. If they see you with the flag, even if they were "attacking", they will change and escort you back to the base.

Guess what, the Bots are probably swearing to Epic say that we need to patch up this "human" who can't lead the team!!!

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