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16th Dec 1999, 01:07 AM
Since UT has been out for a few weeks I was wondering what user made maps are kick *** ? I really liked the user made maps that came out for Unreal and I am sure there will be even more since the editor is the same. I am not asking about conversions. I want to know about bran spanking new maps that kick *** !

16th Dec 1999, 03:08 AM
OK, here we go.

DM-DusktoDawn: not good for playing, but if you like the film, you'll love this one. You really think you stand in the TittyTwister. There's also the real music implemented.
- make sure to add a 'DM-' to the mapname to make it work.

Wingznut PEZ
16th Dec 1999, 03:12 AM
As for CTF maps...


Awesome maps!!! Even CliffyB should be impressed by these two.

Memo to all CTF server admins... PUT THESE MAPS ON YOUR ROTATION.

Wingznut [PEZ]
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16th Dec 1999, 03:12 AM
Go here for user made maps. http://www.unrealed.org/news/

16th Dec 1999, 04:12 AM
I was interrupted, sorry!!!!!!!

- dm-escherland & dm-DeCyberEscher:
if you want to see, what can be done with the UT engine, look at these. Be careful with Escherland, it crashes.(Only look at it under 'practice Bot-match' it works as long as you're not ready)

- dm-toy: you're a little gobo running around in a childs bedroom stuffed full with toys and the bots are working quite good, I have to notice that, 'cause it's not quite regular in those fun-levels

- dm-deadsimple: there something mystic with this one, if you know the DN3d map E1L8 you know what I mean--- monsterfraggin' (this map with 7 friends played half an hour and you think "Damn, are we stupid???"

- dm-nubis: a little dissapointing at first, but it looks very themerelated, whatever the theme really is and has a wonderful location for the redeemer

- ctf-asteroid: I like the layout of the cluster between the two flags and it's fun to play. And, what is an exception with such small ctf-maps, you can have good and devasting coordinated attacks on the enemy-flag, but nearly no chance in gettin' it on your own.

- dm-unsettled: a little fastplaying map, you should first fly out of the castle and look at the level from above (very small will be your thought), but if you walk through it you will notice how incredible complex is it fir its size

- dm-urbanarena2: the best urban-map so far, it really rocks. Some fine little spaces all around the map, where you cian slip in if you're pursuited and surprise your enemy. But there is this teleporter that connects one of the dead-end streets with the sewers that just *****. Bots them to be magical attracted to this point and a lot of action goes around there, leaving the rest of the level a bit too empty for my taste

I hope I'd helped you with this, check the maps out. They can be found under: http://unreality.org
or http://www.planetunreal.com/nalicity

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The Bill
16th Dec 1999, 02:39 PM
I've always liked DM-Japan, it works great for the Tournament. You will find it in the Unreal deathmatch maps in Nali City.

18th Dec 1999, 02:35 AM
I liked the ctf-asteroid map, but I have a question. The sky is smeary, sort of like a hall of mirrors effect from Doom. Do others have this sort of problem? I have tried the newest drivers for my video card (TNT-2, Xentor 32) both from the manufacture and from Riva. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks for the map references.

18th Dec 1999, 03:20 AM
no its like that on my voodoo 3 too

18th Dec 1999, 05:48 AM

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