View Full Version : Getting the Timer info from the server to the client

21st Nov 2001, 11:20 AM
In the mod I'm writing (don't expect releases, it's in very early stages, and I don't often finish stuff) I have a command that has to reload when you used up all your charges, in order to be used again. I've done this with a timer function, and a bar to the side of the screen shows how much time has passed already; the size of the bar is Timercounter/Timerrate. Anyway, this works fine offline and server-side, but the bar stays blank client side, and since Timercounter and Timerrate are defined by actor, I can't replicate them. (And I don't think I want to anyway, it would eat up mucho bandwidth)
So, now I was wondering if it's possible to inform the client of when the timer started and for how long it goes. How should I do this?