View Full Version : Mesh visibility and client/pawn reference?

20th Nov 2001, 02:58 PM
Here are 2 quick questions for you guys. First, how do I reference the pawn that the current client owns. In a simulated script in one of my projectiles I want to compare a value from the player replication info from the shooter and the client like this.

FMax(uta_pri(playerreplicationinfo).particlespacing, uta_pri(whatever-references-the-pawn-owned-by-the-machine-this-is-running-on.playerreplicationinfo).particlespacing);

The other question relates to this situation where I have 3 long meshes in a row with X being the origin of each mesh.


It works except you run into a bug in the following situation where player P, when looking to the right, won't see beam segment 1 because he/she can't see the origin of beam segment 1. Is there any way to force the game to draw that mesh or clue the game into the fact that the mesh is very long and the player indeed can see it?


21st Nov 2001, 09:44 AM
i had that happening to me with just one mesh (approx 160 units long) ... dont' know the answer though.

24th Nov 2001, 06:58 PM
I was hoping for more replies but this is how I solved the situation...

Since the spawning of the beam is completely clientside I change how the beam creates itself depending on the distance to the viewport. Every time it attempts to spawn a 1024 long beam it checks the distance between that beam and the viewport owner and if they are too close it spawns 8 of the 128 long segments instead. This way it still spawns as many 1024 long segments as possible, but only when those segments won't cause visibility problems because you are too close to them.

24th Nov 2001, 11:58 PM
I believe there actual is some way to force the player to draw those things even if he can't see the origins... It may have something to do with "relevant"... Or something... Or it just may be that it's a little too late for me to be replying to threads...