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16th Nov 2001, 03:55 AM
I didn't know i could post in here, so i am!

Project Infiltration (http://infiltration.swarming.net) is a web application i am building so that all the 3rd party mutators and whatnot that are floating around can have a home. This gives mappers and programmers a place to post their work and get feedback from other people doing the same thing. This is more interesting for programmers then mappers, but still useful for both. It is still being built, but the basic uploading of maps and mutators works. Along with a forum i'm building and some other junk. There are plenty of plans for the site, but if you have ANY ideas, please post them in the forum somewhere.

So if you are a 3rd party inf developer or know of one, tell them to sign up and start posting their work. Eventually each developer will have his/her own "section" of the application where they can have their own news and downloads section. Or they can use their own webpage they already have instead. Either way you will have a page linked from this web app so people can find you.

I have a little link image that would fit on the main infiltration site if that would be possible. (hint hint)

cow (adam@swarming.net) - someone on inf team please email me if i could get a link spot on your site, thanks. (click on the cow)