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15th Nov 2001, 08:37 PM
Wondershow Studios is seeking 3 unreal script coders to join our team. The Wonder Show team is an extraordinary group of game/entertainment industry professionals with experience at such companies as 3DO , I.L.M., Sierra, Microsoft and Sony . We have formed this team to peruse publishing/development contracts for our original properties. We’ve had a great deal of interest from publishers in our original property “The 8th Wonder”. To take advantage of these opportunities we have begun production of a fully playable demo.

To complete this demo we need to add to our team several talented , dedicated people with specific knowledge of Unreal Script. We will be looking to stretch the engine to its limits, we need people who are familiar with all aspects of the code, and who can present working examples of Unreal or UT code that they have written. Since we are also still seeking a publisher, and our team members are scattered around the globe, we need someone who is dedicated, able to work independently and meet deadlines assigned.

Although we are primarily driven by the love of our craft and the desire to bring our imaginative concepts to an audience, we are not doing this “just for fun”. We are working hard because we have the legitimate opportunity to have our work published. Because we don’t have the funds to pay salaries during the development of the demo, team members that work to produce the demo are acting as “sweat equity” investors. The demo team members will receive the paid positions on the team that builds the entire game as well as a share of its royalties. The studio also passes along the paid contract work we receive to the appropriate team members. So far we have received contracts from Southpeak Interactive, Infogrames and Lionhead studios.

If you are interested, please email me at theresa@mysticgd.com and include samples of, or links to, your work. We will contact you with more details about the project, including concept art, samples of our previous work, design doc and project schedule.

16th Nov 2001, 09:22 PM
Do you really think someone will respond to a job ad with 'HARDCORE' in the title.

17th Nov 2001, 01:42 AM
Let me get this straight.

you want some of the best coders in the community to work very hard on a project that you have designed?

And without paying them a salary?????:rolleyes:

17th Nov 2001, 02:16 AM
I think coders will stay with their own mods if you don't pay them(And if you do, I still wonder if they'll join).

17th Nov 2001, 10:02 AM
What a lot of harsh comments.:rolleyes:
I think that at least they are being honnest,.The truth is there are really A LOT of people interested in making a living out of games designing/coding so I guess you probably have to do some personal investment at a certain time.
We, on these forums, have a sharp tooth and since we're all experienced amateurs and free of the marketing hypocrisy ,we'll be able to tell you straight ahead if your project is interesting or if it's just another attempt .Give more details.Be ready for constructive criticism.:)

17th Nov 2001, 10:53 AM
TaoPaiPai's wise words!

17th Nov 2001, 06:13 PM
Thanks everyone for taking time to post these replies. It’s certainly fair to ask “why should someone invest their time an energy into something if not for immediate financial gain?” I’d like to suggest some answers to that question.

1. We have interest in the project and team from publishers. You have a legitimate chance to turn this endeavor into a paying job. Also since you’ve invested your work before you were paid you would receive a share of the game’s profits.
2. It provides the chance to hone your skills working on a project with a team of passionate, talented people, many of whom are already respected industry professionals.
3. The finished demo provides an excellent showcase for your skills. The demo becomes a part of your personal portfolio, and you can use it to promote your own career.

The bottom line is that the project provides a chance to do your best work with a team of talented people who are all doing their best work. Working together with the sense of a shared mission. Going on quest with a group of friends, a quest that may prove challenging along the way but has the potential for great reward. To my mind that is just the best feeling.

P.S. We can’t post the project details publicly, so if this is interesting to you, I encourage you to reply with an email for more information.

17th Nov 2001, 09:34 PM
Well, from the information you have given, it does not appear to be any more rewarding than my current (unpaid) job at Team Vortex (Operation: Na Pali).

Nonetheless, I am somewhat interested. But is this actually going to be its own game, a mission pack for UT, or what?

17th Nov 2001, 11:00 PM
Well umm, I took the time to check out the website...it seems more like some children entertaiment product to me...at least for what I could see in the web site. It would help a lot if you could give us an idea of what this project is about.

18th Nov 2001, 07:03 AM
Yeah it never hurts to work on such a project I guess, but you should give us some more information about the project :D

20th Nov 2001, 07:04 PM
Don't be afraid to spill the information, cause the codex of honour forbids the coders of this forum to use an idea presented here unless they give credit and have asked the "owner".
Or maybe not... :D
Seriously, you'll get a bad reputation if you steal other persons ideas...

Anyway, I don't think everyone is 'passionate' all the time.
Me for example, I have my periods.
At some points I don't even wanna work with my computer at all, sometimes I wish I was a pirate instead, or a lumberjack...:hmm:
But then after a while I'm back in coding bussiness, and feel fine.

Often if you pay a man to do his hobby, he won't find it interesting anymore...

My policy is: Either help out a bit, or get a real job.
I can't devote my life if I can't live...
But I can devote my spare time to helping out people, because I get that fuzzy, warm feeling...

And then TaoPaiPai comes along and has a better idea... :( :D

24th Nov 2001, 07:51 PM
Well, this really sounds like a good opportunity for someone. I do, however, agree with almost everyone here in that if you really want people to help you you should post at least SOME info on what it is you're going to be making. Some people may just jump at any chance to make money, but a lot of people (especially those that have the skills) also care about what it is they're going to be making. You should care about it too, because if someone joins your team without any interest in the actual project, they won't work as hard or as well. Also, you may want to send out some emails to UnrealTournament.org, PlanetUnreal, Unreality, and other Unreal/UT sites as these have a wide audiance and are always on the lookout for just about anything to make a news post about.


27th Nov 2001, 01:21 AM
The problem is . . . . too many people (I am not trying to point anyone specific) think they will be working for Epicgames as their first job in the industry. Although this may be true for very few, for most it's not. An opportunity like this could really help to diversify ones portfolio, and diversity is a good virtue to have in art.

Wild Weasel
6th Dec 2001, 12:37 AM
my god id love to join...but i dont know that much about Uscript/c/c++/java.....(im learning all of that at once..:D) too bad i didnt know the stuff already.... ugh...:(