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14th Nov 2001, 04:24 PM
The Ghost Dogs Infiltration Unit is a North American Clan. We are currently recruiting members who are dedicated to teamwork, communication, and realistic gameplay based on tactics used by our real life counterparts. While fun is our ultimate goal, we insist that our members exhibit good sportsmanship and respect for other players.

We welcome all realism freaks and noobs.:D

For more info, visit the Ghost Dogs Headquarters (http://www.ghostdogs.net)

1st Dec 2001, 12:55 AM
We are now looking to fill two specific positions for our INFiltration unit.

1). Grenedier

This person must have a good knowledge of the use of the HK grenade launcher, the M203 and frag grenades (Or be willing to learn how to use these weapons effectively). This person will function as an assault troop but will be prepared to use their special skills if and when the situation calls for such.

2). Heavy Gunner

This person will, of course specialize in the effective use of the heavier weapon in INF. (The SAW)