View Full Version : deco causing GPF's in UED2?

13th Nov 2001, 10:23 AM
Any idea what could cause a Milkshape-made deco to crash UED2 with a GPF when it tries to draw the deco LodMesh (or something like that)?

It's a low-poly model inside the 128x128 bounding box, same settings as my giant cigarette (which works fine), gets created in UCC MAKE fine, placed in my map fine, looks fine in the 2D views, but when it starts to enter the 3d viewport UED2 freezes, and i have to Endtask it, which then gives a GPF referring to that deco's lodmesh. ???

Can models not have "holes" in them? In otherwords, this decoration is in effect a double torus, kind of like a figure eight, so there are two "holes" in it that you can see through. Is this a problem in UT for some reason (given that UCC didn't balk)?