View Full Version : Im looking for new SP maps from UNREAL...

12th Nov 2001, 09:40 PM
I've played most of the maps from SHAMBLERS ..but here there is so many maps without the mention SP next to it and i dont have the time download to check if they are SP or not.

If you know where i have to go to get new SP maps, please tell me ....



12th Nov 2001, 09:49 PM
www.unrealsp.org :)

Great site completely 110% devoted to SP. You can find lots of reviews there of SP maps... the GOOD ones at that. Not the ones that got 2's and 3's. In fact, the lowest score was a 5.5 and the next lowest was a 7 I think.

BTW go register on those forums too:)

At the site you can also see all the Upcoming Maps, mine at the top:) Check it all out.

12th Nov 2001, 10:44 PM