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12th Nov 2001, 03:02 PM
well seeing as this is my first post here.. hi :)
/me waves

now.. while working on a map for unreal fortress i decided to give screens a try and first off....

DAMN NICE really REALLY nice idea

now my only wish list would be some way of changing the "alignment" of the screen in game.. what i mean is the most time consuming part ive found is setting up the screen actor to have the right dimensions and centering the slide correctly

would it be possible to have say a mutator or something that you could use to move the slide around until it looks good.. and then have it return the values so you could write them down and use em?? (im guessing writing to the actual map file while your in it would be a "bad idea" (TM) if possible at all?)

but anyways kick ass idea and hopefully i'll get enough interest to include it in the final map :)

13th Nov 2001, 05:13 PM
Glad you like it... :cool:

Yes, I know, the scripted textures are all black, and that indeed makes them hard to align. The texture package attached to this posting contains a 256x256 pixel texture called AlignmentHelp that (hopefully) helps to work around this problem: Apply that texture to the screen brush, align it to your liking, and then apply the actual scripted texture to the surface. Or use the marks on the alignment texture to determine the Width/Height settings for the Screen actor.

Coding a mutator that allows you to dynamically change Screen actor properties certainly isn't a bad idea, although I hope my suggestion above already helps to deal with the difficulties you were talking about. :)

Thanks for your feedback. Right after pressing that "Submit" button I'll be heading over to the Unreal Fortress site in order to download the latest version of both your map and the mod... :D

13th Nov 2001, 05:48 PM
thank you :)

oh.. my map will work in theory with UnF build 600 (the current latest release) but it is a 4 team map and needs the new public betas to play right...

u can find them on ftp.unrealfortress.com

beta2v5 would be what you are looking for
(although there is a bot bug in that version where the bots try and cap at the wrong cap point)
oh and the screens are not in the release of the map if you want find me on icq (30676914) and i can send you a copy with screens included