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12th Nov 2001, 12:42 PM
thanks for the great mod, BDB :)

I have a problem: I'm using the serverinfo.htm page and it opens when TO asks you the team. When you press the Close button on TOmapvote also the TO menu disappear. You need to press ESC and return back to the game to bring it again in front.
I disabled this feature from config but doing so nobody will see the server rules... it can be fixed without a new realease? Happens only to me?

- timelimit voting, BUT only if as admin I can set the range. Lamers alone on the servers can vote 1 min or 999 min to crash/lag the server.
- x minutes of grace period at map start, configurable amount of mins voting players does not work. Happens that some clans they use the server for practice, voting/banning everybody connects immediatly. At least they can't do that at map start.
If the servers are very popular this risk is very reduced
- this is a bit strange, I dunno if you can do that but it could be a real must have :)
Knife fight voting: often when only one of each team is left they decide to fight only with kinfe. Everybody like that, players spectacting they simply LOVE it.
The best could be if TOmapvote can automatically start a voting for a knife fight (with screen centered message on spectators only, they often don't look the chat and they are not playing) when the above condition happen.
If wins the yes, it could notify the players (with centered msg) of knife fight decision and force them to use only knife.
But also if TOmapvote could only suggest the knife fight is cool :)


12th Nov 2001, 03:48 PM
Yes, there is a incompatiblity problem with the latest version of
I think the renamed the main window.
You can disable bEntryWindows to prevent this from happening
but that will also disable the welcome window.

As for all the ideas, they are good but I doubt I will have time.