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Call me Erdrik
10th Nov 2001, 04:40 AM
Ok for my SP map I need to know how to make pawns snipe, how to get them to attack when a trigger is triggered(and they need to be able to get through a complexe area to get to the player.)
and to react when the allied pawns in their area get fragged...

if any one could direct me to a Tut or post the info that would be great :D

10th Nov 2001, 06:46 AM
To get them to snipe, use a distance view trigger next to an ambush point. Set the radius of the Distance View Trigger so that the ambush point is enclosed in it.
Make sure the ambush point is set to bSniping - True
Increase the view range of the Ambush point aswell
Now add a triggers at the points where the player will be sniped at. Make these triggers trigger the distance view trigger.
Set RepeatTriggerTime to 0.1 so that when a player is in that area he will keep triggering the Distance View Trigger.

You might be able to get a pawn to run to the player using the same setup. Have the trigger where the player will trigger the pawn to start runng. Put the distance view trigger where the pawn will start.
This might work but I'm not sure.

You might be able to use an alarm point but the pawn will only run towards the alarm point of it sees the player. I'm sure you would be able to alter the code so that it runs to the alarm point if it's triggered.

Call me Erdrik
11th Nov 2001, 03:49 AM
Im going to try the sniping suggest(tho .1 might be too difficult as the snipers have SuperShockRifles :D )

but I got the other pwans to move toward the player already.(just used regular triggers :) )

Thankee :)