View Full Version : My original music on your upcoming map?

7th Nov 2001, 10:11 PM
I am interested in designing original musical score, tailored to fit the style of someone's upcoming map. I want to write the music reflecting the mapper's vision of the overall theme/feel for the map. My intent is to write music that reflects the setting/time period/textures used, gameplay speed, and compliment the .uax sounds the author is using for that particular map, as well. Anyone interested? :)

8th Nov 2001, 06:10 AM
good, very detailed.
I think the best thing to do if your actively seeking mappers to use you music is try applying to some mod teams. Most likely they'll want to hear a sample of your work so have a few different songs ready and pick one that best fits the mod or the project leaders (or whoever is requesting it) description.
If the mod team has their own forums you could post a few links to your work there to build an interest (kinda like puttin in an application). Or you could post a few here and eventually someone will notice.
Trackers are a very rare division of the UEd system and are rarely sought after by mods and less so by mappers until it's too late. If you make enough noise and poke your nose around I'm sure you'll get noticed.