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5th Nov 2001, 09:29 PM
Hi guys.. first editing related question I ask:

I have this problem, in my DM map, LAGORDA, I have this laser-blocked door, that when you approach it a "Access Denied" sound is heard, and a message appears that says "Acces Denied ; Tournament Game in Progress" .. the problem is, the message only appears to the player who bumps to the wall.. and I want it to appear to every player.. how do you do that?

Please help. Thanks.


5th Nov 2001, 10:38 PM
I think you have to use a "SpecialEvent" in the triggers menu. You can use a special sound, and broadcast a message to everyone (if bBroadcast = true). Give this a try.

5th Nov 2001, 10:49 PM
What you need is a trigger that has the event of a SpecialEvent's (a "special" type of trigger) tag.
Last in the properties is "Special Event"
Here you can add sounds, damage and messages.
For everyone to see the message, set bBroadcast to True.
If you're gonna do noises and stuff, SpecialEvent Triggers are the way to go.

5th Nov 2001, 11:16 PM
thanks, woops, forgot that specialevents always have to be triggered by another trigger to work

Call me Erdrik
6th Nov 2001, 01:59 AM
Yup Special events are the way to go :)
but I was wondering why you want everyone to see the messege?
Maybe I can beta test it :)

6th Nov 2001, 05:40 PM
Thanks for all the replys guys.. I already had a system of triggers, special events, etc in place.. i just couldnt send the message to other players.. i shouldve known that bBroadcast option was the answer to my problem.. damn.. i should experiment with UED more.. thanks guys :)

Call me Erdik:

I still dont finish the map.. itīs like 60-70% complete.. i put it on the showcase forum when its nearing completiton.. i still have to make this outside area and some inside structures too.. if you want some early pics (when it was at like 20% development) just go to my site:



6th Nov 2001, 08:37 PM
Before releasing a map goto the "PlayTesting" Forum for feedback.
After you release a map, then by all means, Showcase it.

8th Nov 2001, 05:19 PM
Originally posted by Twrecks
Before releasing a map goto the "PlayTesting" Forum for feedback.
After you release a map, then by all means, Showcase it.

yeah I know, I know.. :D

10th Nov 2001, 03:34 AM
yeah really why would you want it to broadcast to EVERY player...i imagine being on a totally different part of the map and getting "access denied" and being like wtf...mass confusion.

13th Nov 2001, 04:55 PM
I think you are right Laff.. better make the message only transmit to the player who bumps against the door.. thanks for the suggestions. :)