View Full Version : Beta tester needed for DM-MorbidPleasures

4th Nov 2001, 04:15 PM
Please BETA test my map and give the feedback in this thread.

THNX in advance.

dm-morbidpleasuresBETA1 (http://members.ams.chello.nl/ptbuys/dl/dm-morbidpleasuresBETA1.zip)

5th Nov 2001, 04:00 AM
Well I've played it a couple of times, I gotta say it's a nice map, but there are a few things that could be improved.
The architecture is good, KillRoy, the map has nice round shapes and all, it just looks good.
Texturing was also nicely done,
same goes with the bots, they gave me quite a beating.

Now the layout is a problem in this map, it's all very repetitive since the map is symmetrical; it got a bit boring after a while cause everything looks the same. Maybe connecting the base floor areas (the floor with the jumppads on it) together would help, there would be a new area and the player won't have to see the same all the time.
The lighting itself is nice. But the lamps look kinda odd because they're unlit. You could uncheck this and put a bright light near it to make it look like it's actually making the light. You could give the lamp the same colour as the lighting which had a yellow tint, I believe. You could also make the lamp texture 'SpecialLit' and place a light near it, go to the 'Light Properties', 'Lighting' and set the 'bSpecialLit' to 'True'. This light will only affect the lamp texture and nothing else. You have more control on how the lamp looks this way.
Another thing was that there is red light coming through the windows while there was just one visible lightsource (the red planet... I think) it would be nice to have this light only coming through one window (the one where you can see the planet). This would make the map just a bit less symmetrical, and it would look more realistic too.
Placing one red light behind the centre pillar of the window might give a nice effect too, it will show the shadow of this pillar on the ground which was missing now. The planet should look a bit brighter also.
Finally, the itemplacement could be better. There is too much health, ammo and powerups around, especially for a map of this size. Removing some of it would help.

5th Nov 2001, 04:19 AM
Pretty nice map. But it's indeed a bit small. But it has the looks ;)

10th Nov 2001, 02:47 PM

I've changed some things as some ppl mentioned.

-I've fixed the lights
-I've connected the base floors
-I've fixed the odd lamp colours
-Ive put in some walls so that the map is not too symmetrical

Please take a look at it and tell me what else can be improved!!

Thnx a bunch!!

Download the map here: dm-morbidpleasuresbeta3.zip (http://members.ams.chello.nl/ptbuys/dl/dm-morbidpleasuresbeta3.zip)

13th Nov 2001, 07:28 PM
the lighting is a little washed out. it looks like there is some zone lighting in there. if there is, i would take that out for greater shadow contrast. i didn't play it with bots, but they are probably going to die while going for the udamage. there is some good architecture in there, but some of the walls look a little plain imo.

14th Nov 2001, 04:10 AM
Working on it.... BTW, for the first time in my life, the bots dont seem to have a problem with the U-damage.... (lets leave it that way, lets not even look, or else it would be a problem lol :D)

Thanx for the reply!!:)