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4th Nov 2001, 06:43 AM
I'm not that new to mapping itself but as I never have made a single player map, would someone give me answers to these simple questions (I know, these should be in beginners-mapping forum):

#1 Do You have to have the Unreal1 for making a SP map ?
#2 How do You set up the LevelInfo for a SP map ?
#3 Recommendations on good SP maps, please !

Decent answers only, please.

4th Nov 2001, 10:34 AM
1) You can make UT SP but ideally you need access to the Unreal 1 music (which you then include in the release), and if you make it in UT it will only run under UT. Oldskool Amp'd http://www.unreality.dk/usaar33/ makes using SP in UT much easier.

2) Default game type should be "unreali.singleplayer" (regular SP) or "unreali.vrikersgame" to start the game waking up with no guns and 12 health. LevelInfo's Title and Author function normally. The above plus LevelEntryText are popped up at the start of the game. Screenshot is only valid if you have Oldskool in mind.

3) Good maps @ http://www.unrealsp.org - download links are broken since NC had their filestore deleted but will be fixed shortly.

20th Jun 2003, 01:07 PM
hey vapu in order to link maps read this:

you need a favourites teleporter at the end of a level. set the url as follows:

Filename#FilenameEntry?peer NO .unr


all maps must be in the same directory for this to work. you can make linear levels or a hub level. if you are still having trouble feel free to e-mail me:

20th Jun 2003, 02:53 PM
Next time, try reading the date of the post you are replying to!
(4th Nov 2001)

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That's funny.