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4th Nov 2001, 12:59 AM
Once again can someone check out a new project?
CTF-Botbox_Z8 (http://webpages.charter.net/biscuit1/CTF-Botbox_Z8.zip)
Looking for general opinions on layout.







4th Nov 2001, 01:02 AM
I think I already made my opinion clear. I'd be glad to look at future versions if u adjust teh lighting a little or sumfin.

4th Nov 2001, 01:06 AM
I never got to see the other thread after I posted...
Had to work, then they yanked the forum...dont even know what ya said in it.

4th Nov 2001, 11:35 AM
Aight here's my opinion:

First of all the map is nice, nicely build and nicely textured.
But I came across some problems!!

1st - People who have the standard Unreal Tournament, and no upgrades like , UT Bonuspacks and stuff like that can't play tha map, cus it needs the file SGTech1.utx and that file only comes with UT Bonuspack 4. (YEah I agree, everyone NEEDS to download that bonuspack ;) But I just formatted, and didnt have it installed yet ) :p . I think you should at least mention that in your read-me file

2nd Im an instagib player and i notice when i play insta there's only one access (elevator) to the flag. While with normal you can use the translocator. You should consider that there always Instaplayers too :D .

3rd This is no problem, but I just wanna mention that the elevators in the center of the flagbase are pretty cool :D

Keep up the good work, you gotz the skillz ;)

4th Nov 2001, 03:02 PM
Thanx Shin for givin it a looky,
Sorry bout the Bonus Pack textures, I should've mentioned that.
There's much that hasn't been touched yet...wrong level properties,wrong screenie,and more so the work continues. The object is more of a direct frontal assult than a sneak around and hide level, but I didn't even consider Instagib tho. I'll make sure there's more than 1 tough way to get to the flag for sure.
Thanx again.

Lord Dill
6th Nov 2001, 08:08 AM
i gave it a run... you need to work on your lighthing, its too bright in the bright spots and to dark in the dark spots. Plus thier are hardly any shadows because of the flatness of the level. It just seems so plan. Not sure what theme your going for either.
The layout needs to improvement, the ramps and walkways in the flag rooms don't work too well. Maybe the flag should be lower? or off set to one side with larger ramps? weapons seem thrown about, maybe some pads for them to sit on...

and one other thing... nice placement of flares! keep working with it :)

6th Nov 2001, 03:02 PM
damn...how the hell do you get maps to look that good? mine always look cheap............

7th Nov 2001, 12:47 AM

Oh man! I spent like 2 hours combing thru ur map, and wrote a lengthy report on it. S h i t.

Well what i remember was...i like the layout alot but the map was with many flaws.

The item's sucked. u can put weapons close to their ammo in ctf.

the flares that gave off no light suck, the flares instead of coronas is all wrong too.

Texturing needs help from the lighting dept.

The elevator up sux huge arse.

The damaging elevators suck too, don't do it in ctf.

The elevator where the floor moves around it is just plain dumb.

The slime pit should have small cylinder lights to give is some glow, and it should be scaled to 2 not 8.

The room on the side that is empty has to be shrunk, and have some slime on the bottom.

The red lights should have a saturation of 0 to match the flares.

The bots weren't the smartest, and didn't utilized all of the map.

You've got a masked texture that's on teh ceiling, creating a HOM.

Unlit lightfixture textures suck huge ass, light them with small radius cylinder lights.

Lighting is bland too, raise the hue and lower saturation.

Screenshot rox.

The boxes and barrels are to numerous and lit funny. Substituting actors for geometry is ineffective.

I think that's it. Pretty good memory, eh?

I know this is mostly bad stuff but i do like the level, even more so if it had teh aforementioned things improved.

8th Nov 2001, 12:03 AM
Was i too harsh? Cuz i love the textures!

8th Nov 2001, 01:07 AM
let me join this :D

like said, not enough ways to the flag, there are noobs that cant translocate, and you got instaplayersm so make a ramp or something to the flag
light was very dark at places, like unfinished, and at others very bright, like by that green slime room thing
the lift was cool indeed :) the 2 parts
the texture of the slime needs to be scaled a bit smaller
i had to shoot at the trigger to depressurize it, i couldnt active it by pushing on it, right ? if so make it that you can both push it and shoot it
nice z frag stuff
floorplan is good
textures were a bit clean :D, thats ok but then make your architecture look cool too, but on some places it looked a bit empty, like empty walls or ceilings, thats boring, or just an cube as corridor, make bars and stuff and pillars, they always help :D
those crates and barrels where ghey, kill it, place real crates or find something better to fill up the space
like said, i respwaned and i had in 2 sec a shock, a flak and a rocketlauncher, aint that a bit to much ? more space between them, put them all far away, like the rocketlauncher somewhere on the lowest floors, and the shock near the flag or so
you got an dead room indeed, not finished ?
you have custom textures i see/think :D if you have custom textures make sure they all have detail textures on it, its kinda ugly without them if your used to them
dont use to much white light either, white=boring mostly

hmm dunno what more, read over the typpos, its 7 am ....

8th Nov 2001, 08:13 AM
Thanks people for the feedback,
There's some good points I will remember. Lots of stuff mentioned is already fixed like the flag spots,item locations,pressure trigger,masked tex on roof,and such. Its still an ALPHA map and not even the basic geom is finished yet. Thats why the place is bright here and dark there,and why there's no detail geom at all (empty walls,ceilings and the like). Also why one of the lower rooms isnt even lit yet,it only has one platform in it. I'd hoped to get some idea of the kind of gameflow I should go for, but this is a wierd level. It's like DM-CTF...frontal assult,fight your way up to the flag,not much sneaking around.
Who knows,maybe tomorrow it'll be in my recycle bin...

8th Nov 2001, 11:53 AM
DOn't scrap it!

i also want to clarify, an alpha vesion is the final product, the beta is the one that's still being tested.

That's right....right???

8th Nov 2001, 04:24 PM
:hmm: I thought alpha is early stages,beta is pre-release...neither is finished or final.:minigun:

8th Nov 2001, 05:53 PM
haha, i have no idea i guess!

erm...i guess why i thought that was cuz alpha=a and b=beta, so an A movie is better than a B movie, see my logic?

10th Nov 2001, 06:51 PM
Nope. Alpha is an in-house testing phase, beta is a public testing phase. Don't sweat it, most folks don't know or care. By extension though, I guess chi should be the retail version, delta is the patched version, and...