View Full Version : growing possabilities?

3rd Nov 2001, 06:48 PM
i'm wondering if certain things are possible to do in unrealed. I have no idea how to code script or ai but i'm studying 3dsm and i'm trying to put together an idea i've hade for some time and can make some of the levels myself. Anyone got time for a chat. I need to alter the way the bots attack. It's simpler than the complex unreal bots as there needs to be lots of bots I.E 50+. the models will be low polys to help also, i'm going for gameplay first, then graphics later if systems will allow it.

It's on the QT at the moment as I'm sick of giving ideas away and I think it would work commercially as a total conversion. I have no intension of a mod, but if a team could be established I would approach epic for licence to the new game engine on a royalty basis.

thankx for listening.