View Full Version : Why does UT only have TCP/IP network support?

Donkya Bwoy
8th Dec 1999, 03:51 AM
The other networks are a lot easier to set up and find out what's wrong for people that only play every now and then and don't know everything about networks. Why doesn't Unreal or UT support the other stuff? Does it have something to do with the game? Is it not possible with this game? Or is it do difficult for Epic to write the network code for the other types? I hope they can add a patch to support other types sometime soon. I have a TCP/IP network, but since my friends have to swap modems and network cards everytime we play because they don't have enough slots, we have to spend an hour setting up his comp and restarting 40 times.

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8th Dec 1999, 03:55 AM
Because TCP/IP is the best networking protocol there is. You can do everything that IPX does with it, it has a lower latency than IPX and the packets can vary in size.

Basically, there is no reason to support IPX in this day.

Finally, because one thing MS did right was create a very good networking architecture in DX (DirectInput) and TCP is fully supported there. That's the practical answer and why many gaming companies are doing it that way.

8th Dec 1999, 04:56 PM
Donkya Bwoy, what is it that your friend is doing to his computer? He doesn't have room for a modem and a network card? What has he got in his machine?

8th Dec 1999, 05:29 PM
I'd like to see modem support - i.e. two players not requiring the Internet. I have a slow modem for starter, which I plan to upgrade very soon. But sometimes it is hard to find a server that has rrom for myself and my friend (CTF that is), since we both only have the demo.

That way the two of us could take on the bots in CTF and such, but without the ping overhead.

Just a thought.

8th Dec 1999, 06:00 PM
MS' modem support is next to non-existant so don't hold your breath. Sorry.

8th Dec 1999, 06:20 PM
actually you can play modem to modem..it is a few steps but go here to find out about it...I play it and it works great
go here to learn how to set it up!!! http://www.unreality.dk/EzUnreal/ras.html
naturally you need to know what you are doing but it should work fine after you set it up right!!
It worked for me with unreal,....I have not tried in UT yet though..on my lan I had two people and one over the modem would join right in making it a 3 person game /~unreal/ubb/html/smile.gif

Donkya Bwoy
8th Dec 1999, 08:42 PM
My friend has two pci slots (old comp) and an ISA slot. The two pcis are taken by 2 voodoo IIs and the ISA is the modem. He also has an ISA network card. He is looking for an ISA network/modem in one card. But currently he has to take out his modem and put in the network card every time we play. I know how to set up a TCP network, but it's a hassle with all the restarting and such.

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Donkya Bwoy
8th Dec 1999, 08:44 PM
Oh yeah, and if something goes wrong, it means restarting at least 3 times.

Ask the carney folk to get it, they're great climbers!