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Tetris L
24th Oct 2001, 04:44 PM
As a follow-up to this thread (http://forums.beyondunreal.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=86238) ...

Thanks to sci-fi2 on GTF for the heads-up (http://ina-community.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=144270) that there is some Unreal Warfare material on the website of James Green (http://mrgreen.com/), who left Epic in June (http://www.voodooextreme.com/comments.taf?postID=16771). I hope James didn't violate an NDA by "leaking" this.

In the "3D" section of the site you find quite a few images of the UW soldiers and even motion capture animated videos!

Here are some to water your mouth (click for full size):

A Soldier: http://mrgreen.com/images/models/cog_soldier_render_sm.jpg (http://mrgreen.com/images/models/cog_soldier_render.jpg)

An Officer: http://mrgreen.com/images/renders/cog_officer_sm.jpg (http://mrgreen.com/images/renders/cog_officer.jpg)

A General: http://mrgreen.com/images/models/cog_general_render_sm.jpg (http://mrgreen.com/images/models/cog_general_render.jpg)

A Turret: http://mrgreen.com/images/renders/turret_sm.jpg (http://mrgreen.com/images/renders/turret.jpg)

There's some more stuff, browse around yourself a bit:


25th Oct 2001, 11:37 AM
Those look like just about the kind of stuff you see in UT unless they're talking individual finger modelling.
Thse must be too old. Even the shots of the model from the Unreal engine press (like almost a year back) release look way better than this.

25th Oct 2001, 11:44 AM
Some of the picture are from UT but i reconise one picture from a U2 movie that i have downloaded.

Tetris L
25th Oct 2001, 01:06 PM
Technically the models are far from final. If you look for example at this image (http://mrgreen.com/images/general1.jpg) you see that the polycount is actually pretty low; lower than what you'll see on the Atlantis crew in U2. By the time UW will be released (2003) the standard polycount will be a lot higher. These models will get some serious polishing til the game is out. Higher polycount, mo-cap animation, fancy material and particle effects, ...

However, the point is, that I bet dollars to donuts that concept-wise these figures are more than just a tech demo. I think they are actual Unreal Warfare figures. We'll see these soldiers, officers and generals appear in UW. And we'll see manned turrets. Looks pretty cool to me. :)

Akuma, wanna bet against it? ;)

26th Oct 2001, 01:55 AM
Actually I'm not much interested in UW since I'm essentially an SP lover. I wonder if they can try to have a story-type campaign in such a game (MMP)

9th Nov 2001, 09:20 PM
nO FRIGGIN way 2003 UW.. man that blows balls.. o well i can always play NOLF 2 120 times...

10th Nov 2001, 12:07 AM
Those graphics look like something from an improved UT game engine. Im sure those are unfinished models.

Tetris L
10th Nov 2001, 04:36 AM
Note that all of the thumbnails have been blurred and now link to this page: http://mrgreen.com/removed.htm

Thanks for the confirmation that these ARE indeed UW characters, Epic. :p :D ;)

10th Nov 2001, 07:59 AM
Hehe nice one :D

Fisherman's Friend
10th Nov 2001, 11:47 AM

10th Nov 2001, 04:31 PM
U could only see one picture whats the big deal the other were crappy at best. Epic needs to chill and let ppl have sum fun.

10th Nov 2001, 09:20 PM
It's nothing to do with 'fun', it's about people judging the hypothetical game from old renders of early models with old skins holding old guns.

They were for a tech demo, so don't base your speculation on game content on those images :)

11th Nov 2001, 12:01 AM
Besides, the entire fun of buying and playing a game i in discovering the new stuff for yourself. A few publicity pics n' flics here and there to tantalize are good, but not if damn pirates are going to rip chunks from various builds and put them up on show.

Tetris L
11th Nov 2001, 04:35 AM
Hehe ... if this was only for a tech demo, then why the big deal? Nowhere on Green's site did it say that these are UW models. :D ;)

I didn't hear any negative comments about the models, except people pointing out that they are rather low poly. But everybody is aware that these are very early state. I looked at them as concept art, rather than actual in-game content. And I liked them a lot. *shrug*

11th Nov 2001, 04:41 AM
and Mr. green has em still on his site directory, the links still work, perhaps he's waiting untill epic states its ok to put them back online for the public to view
in any case they still look good :D

11th Nov 2001, 07:11 PM
yea i have seen these before (recently) and the links still work for me :)


11th Nov 2001, 10:58 PM
Maybe those of his own work and he is just the OK from the Higher ups.. I am sure everything will be cool.. in a couple weeks.. And i still say let ppl have sum excitement and peperation..its not like the government and a classified file.. Come on its only a game not the newest line of Bombers or UFO technology..Geez