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24th Oct 2001, 10:22 AM
Will U2 have a bigger story than U1 or will it just be shooting and moving on to a new level for more shooting?

I ask because shooting some and shooting more games are kinda boring (HalfLife / RedFaction). The only one I played so far which was cool was Max Payne, but that had a nice story line to back up the shooting.

So: Will there be extensive interacting with the creatures / allies, or is it just killing stuff and drooling over the eyecandy?

24th Oct 2001, 12:48 PM
I'v read a couple of articles on what Unreal2 will be like, yes there will be interaction with the characters. (aida for example, and the men you're commanding).
There are around 26-27 levels if I'm not mistaking, spread over 13 missions over several planets. There will be 5 new races, and of course the Skaarj (but you already know that by now I guess).
I've posted an article on unreal 2 a couple of months ago.
I'll dig it up and give you the link.

24th Oct 2001, 12:52 PM
Here you go (may the 5th 2001):

unreal2info (http://forums.beyondunreal.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=43562)

24th Oct 2001, 01:31 PM
I can't help but notice that it describes CS elements as well as assault (defend/attack) type of missions :).

Should be a sweet game :).

Tetris L
24th Oct 2001, 01:39 PM
Slachter, you didn't follow the news on U2 very closely by now, did you? ;)

Copy-paste from the FAQ in my signature:

How will singleplayer gameplay be like?

Unreal 2 will not be a classic linear "open all doors, kill all monsters, press all switches and find exit" story, but instead U2 uses a non-linear, mission-based story.

PC Powerplay says about it:

Each mission will feature a different tactical situation, including hostage rescue, civilian escort, an assault on an enemy base with a squad of friendly troops, defence of a structure or area against attack, stealth-based infiltration and reconnaissance, as well as more traditional search and destroy sorties. Between missions the player will return to the Atlantis to research collected items (such as new weapons), interact with fellow crew members, and re-arm for the next objective.

Legend's Mike Verdu explained in this interview on Gameplex.ch, published 23 June 2001:

Q: Unreal was a classical 3D-shooter with a minimum of story and very linear levels. How different to that is Unreal 2?

A: We are creating a very rich story for Unreal II - which will be delivered using in-game cut-scenes and our new real time conversation system. We’ll also have a variety of types of game play, including traditional first person missions, hostage rescue, squad based combat, escort missions, exploration and discovery in new environments, and a number of multiplayer variants. We want to make a game that has the classic elements of a shooter but has enough new experiences to keep people engaged, surprised, and delighted as they play all the way through the game.

Regarding the story, the official game description says about it:

As the player, you are the lone representative of the Law in a distant sector of space. You patrol your beat in the creaky but serviceable starship Atlantis, a former military escort vessel that was decommissioned and retrofitted for civil government service long ago. [...]

Things are quiet... until the sector erupts in a full-scale interstellar war. Battles rage on and around more than ten vastly different worlds as several alien races, multiple mercenary armies, and the infamous Terran Military engage in fierce combat. You are caught in the middle of the fighting, and must balance your responsibility to protect the colonists, archaeologists, miners, and other civilians in your sector... with the duty to discover the source of the conflict and put an end to the war.

The single player game takes the form of a series of missions linked by the narrative framework of the game's story. Missions may take place in the dense jungle of a tropical planet, in the ancient ruins of an alien city, deep underground in a warren of tunnels, on the molten surface of a hellish volcanic world, in the bowels of an alien industrial facility, in the endless oceans of a water-bound world, or on board an enemy starship. There are more than ten unique settings, each with its own distinct look and production design.

The story unfolds through briefings, cut scenes, in-game dialog, and the action contained in the missions themselves. Story telling does not get in the way of the action - the game is designed so that the missions are fast paced and intense; there are natural pauses as the player returns to the Atlantis between combat missions.

To get a feeling about it, take a peek preview on FGN Online into …

60 Seconds in the single-player game:

After you clear the ramp and run a safe distance, the dropship claws skyward on a plume of blinding white fire. You take a moment to look around the surface of Charon. The landscape is made up of twisted spires of rock and ice. Volcanic vents spew fire, smoke, and steam into the twilight sky, which is dominated by the sight of the gas giant planet Janus.

Your suit HUD flashes and chimes as Aida contacts you from the orbiting Atlantis. "The outpost is about 500 meters behind you," she says. "Watch for bad guys."

You turn around and survey the remains of the outpost. Fires are burning in the wreckage. You see blast damage, gaping holes in the walls with the thick metal bent outwards like jagged flower petals.

As you approach, the dark spaces inside the buildings are lit up by bolts of searing violet light and staccato orange flashes. You can hear the snap and hiss of energy weapons and the distinctive chatter of Terran combat assault rifles.

You enter through one of the craters in the side of the main structure. Inside, you quickly assess the situation. A squad of Terran Mercenaries is engaged in a firefight with a group of aliens, armored six-limbed creatures that can only be Izarians. Each group is spread out on one side of the outpost control center, a large room filled with destroyed equipment and drifting smoke. The Mercs and Izarians look evenly matched. Individual Merc soldiers and alien troops have taken cover and are firing furiously at each other.

Neither group should be here; the distress call that brought you here was from the original occupants of the outpost - the crew that manned the comm relay station.

Both sides seem to see you at once. There is a brief pause in the fight. One of the Izarians, a big brute that must be the commander, raises one of his limbs in an obvious salute. The Mercs, on the other hand, immediately begin firing at you. You can see the winking orange muzzle flashes of their guns, the smoke, and the sparks and debris flying from the walls and floor nearby. You take cover behind a smashed console, ponder the situation, and make a quick decision. Even though the Terrans are obviously hostile, the Izarians are ultimately the worse threat.

You select universal comm on the suit HUD and yell "What Company?" into your mike. The fire from the Mercs abates. "Screaming Eagles on assignment with TerraCor. Who the hell are you?" "I'll stand with you! Cease fire!"

The Izarians are smart enough to figure out what's up. You are suddenly surrounded by the bright violet beams from their energy weapons. The console you are hiding behind begins coming apart under the heavy fire. You key your mike one last time. "I can flank 'em - let's rock and roll".

You take your single EMP grenade off your belt, arm it, and throw it in the general direction of Izarians. It goes off with a thump and you hear a crackle of static as the overflow interferes with your suit systems. The grenade explosion produces its intended effect - the Izarians have stopped firing as their comm systems, suits, and weapons are temporarily fried. You abandon your cover position and sprint along the wall towards the Izarian line, firing your CAR as you go. As you get close, the Izarians begin to recover. Beams hiss and snap around you. Vaporized plastic and metal gouts out of the walls nearby. You are wreathed with smoke.

As you get closer, you flank their position. You can fire right up their line. You draw a bead on an Izarian and shoot; he spins and drops. In the mean time, the Mercs explode from behind their cover positions, firing as they go. Two more Izarians drop. The remaining aliens break - they leave their positions and flee down a corridor.


25th Oct 2001, 12:11 PM
Nice stuff you got there, it the FGN online bit an intro or the actual game?

25th Oct 2001, 12:19 PM
great text there :tup:
lets hope ingame it gives more atmosphere then on text, though i have little doubts about that
What i think unreal 2 should have is a huge intro, unreal 1 simply dropped you in the game, i'm kinda tired of the find it out yourself story line games
it should give you a beginning and then you'r able to transform the storyline, kinda like deus ex but more involving then dx

31st Oct 2001, 08:33 PM
Cool, though I'm a bit skeptical about the astronomical references. Charon is actually the moon orbiting Pluto and so it's not a fitting name for a moon of an alien planet, misunderstandings might occur.
A more feasible name would be RXG67843 or some other strange code. The ancient Greek mythology doesn't have an unlimired supply of names, as most astronomers have realised by now :-)

1st Nov 2001, 04:05 AM
Originally posted by Master_Blaster[MASTER
Nice stuff you got there, it the FGN online bit an intro or the actual game?
It's a description of the first 60 seconds of single player. Supposedly, that is what it will be like to play it, but we'll have to wait and see.
Originally posted by TTRStryker8
What i think unreal 2 should have is a huge intro, unreal 1 simply dropped you in the game, i'm kinda tired of the find it out yourself story line games
That's what was so beautiful about Unreal though. In fact, that's the reason the game worked as well as it did, but Unreal 2's shooting for a different atmosphere, so you won't be disappointed.

1st Nov 2001, 04:24 AM
well yeah it was part of unreal but then almost every other 1th person shooter went for that genre, so it got a bit boring

9th Nov 2001, 07:16 PM
I am sure they will have a really good story... Well i hope they do.
Dont worry with epic and legend together u can be sure the story will be a COOL ONE..