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23rd Oct 2001, 10:32 PM
I have some increadable ideas for a mutator (or many) but I cant figure out how to work UnrealEd 2.0. If someone could help me get a mutator going...and help with the middle...and the end...or just write it all for me...it would be great. I think starting a group, with a few people on ideas, and a few people on programing, could make some great mutators.

To let you in on some of my ideas, here are a few:

C4 Suicide Belt - Im thinking this having a similar explosion to the redeemer, in taking out everything around it, and beacuse sheild belts are rare, and a bit useless in my mind, it would be a suitable replacment. Also, for those times when sheilds are needed, a good C4 Vest could be better. This would take a bit more skill, in needing a whole new weapon base. Obviously the main fire would be explode, and Im thinking alternate fire would be throw it with a timer. It wouldnt be very useful to throw it on a floor beacuse it wouldnt bounce (its cloth...cloth doesnt bouce), but throwning it off the side of a building or somthing would be good.

Beacuse Im taking up more room per weapon, Im only going to say one more. The Sonic Blast. Ive noticed how alot of games just need a big sonic thing. It owuld be like a big ring that shot out around the player. It would be like a repulsor (from other games I play)(or for those who dont know what it is, pushes people away) It wouldnt do any damage, but pushing someone off a cliff is a good kill. The secondary fire could be like a small explosion, kill those close to you. Good for those run up and blast like heck attacks.

In a different thread, I posted an idea for sports games, but Ill restate here. (using a CTF type of map, but replacing the flag with goals, or nets, or whatever it might be, and changing all weapons to whatever is needed) FOr a game like soccer, goals would be at the end, weapons would be replaced with a foot, and getting close to the ball would keep it close to you. If you have the ball, you cannot move until you fire, wich would kick the ball a little infront of you (dribbling). Secondary fire would be shooting/passing, and to take it from another person, you could just run into the ball. If you dont have the ball, your weapon would change to slide tackles, and 'secretive fouls' which would have a large reload time so as not to be over used. For somthing like basketball, the similar would apply. Fire would dribble, second = shoot/pass, and without the ball, it would be steal/foul. For these sports type games, rules would apply, such as foul shots, and hand ball kicks. (games such as laccrose would require catching, and fire would be used to move the stick towards the ball to catch it...getting hit with a ball non-pourposfuly would result in damage) Creating games that are not played at all can be made too. those ideas would be made later.

besides new ways of playing, new weapons are appriciated. Everyones favorite weapon in the game is the Redeemer. Nothing better than a small nuke to blow stuff up. Due to its emense power, a miniature missile would be good. The small missile would be guided, as redeemer secondary fire. The 2nd fire for the missle would be a torpedeo type of rocket. If the torpedeo was fired on land, it would fall, and 'go boom', just as missiles would stall, go out, and explode under water. Water animations are needed. If a torp. blows in the water, a splash is needed to notify onlookers of the explosion. Torps could be dropped from heights into water, or to explose on the ground below. Torps would be guided, but if the person who shot it runs out of air from being under water, it looses guiding, and goes in a straight path giving the person the freedom to surface for air.

Alot of stuff in modern life is kinda freaky. Im staring at one of those laser ball things now...a few days ago I got the idea of turning it on, throwing it, and seeing if it zaps people. Perfect weapon...have a glowing ball thing, and its like a grenade. Explodes on contact, and sticks zapping people who walk by till it runs out of energy, or kills someone. 2nd fire would end up being one big electric style explosion.

speaking of grenades, a standard nade is needed. Just a grenade thing that times, then blows. 2nd could be paralize, blind, poison for slow death, or a long list of other ailments resulting in some type of disability. That brings me to the point of making bio rifles poisonous, and they would slowly eat away life after fire has stopped.

Fires need to be part of this too. Just a flaming stick or lamp or somthing that can be tossed on the floor doing similar damge to the acid pits. Useful for defending home base. After time, the fire would die, but not before burning a few holes in the enemys boots.

These are only a few of my ideas, and though you may not like to read them all, I have many more. Any programers, or anyone with ideas, can post here telling me what you think, or if you want to help me on my quest for a better mod!

(ps-not all my ideas are wepaons...I have a few strange ones, including one about being able to defect teams if you get shot at by a team-mate)

24th Oct 2001, 07:23 AM
weapons is great fun... :D
About the soccer mutator, you can use "kickable" actors, for instance the pylons in stalwarth.
Make a soccer ball mesh and replace it, and you'll have quite a game.
Make an invisible weapon that makes different amount of damage in alt and first fire so that you can kick the ball long and not-so-long
I't should make as much damage as the sniperrifle, yet not to players, just to the ball.
That would make the ball fly like crazy...
And if it flies of any ledge, it just seeks up the closes pathnode and respawn there...like carry-the-flag.
then make it so that dodging is tackle :D and that you can "push around" if you just bump into someone...
Score when the ball actor (that glows BTW) collides with the enemy flagbase...
That would be hillarious! :lol:

c4-belt would be quite simple.
I guess that the mesh would be a hand holding a detonator and that when you press fire, it presses the button...
The same mesh can be used both if you wear the belt and not.
if you altfire, you throw it away like the translocator... and then you can't use altfire untill you pick it up again.
Alltho, for balance, I think that the explosion should be smaller if you have throwed it off...
Enemies can disable it too, by firing at it...?
Maybe then it's just a normal explosion that's has a small radius...

I think that the sonic blast would have the effect of shielding off scan-hit weapons (make it collidable) and that it deflects projectiles like the impacthammer altfire can (have ANYONE used that function EVER?)
I can imagine the fun: Someone takes my flag in facing worlds, then tries for an easy escape into the top teleporter, I know he's waiting for me on the other side, and I have to act quick. I pick p my Sonic Blaster (tm) and enters and immediatley blast it.
He flies in an arc before being smashed to a wet puddle in the hard rock down on the ground...
Oh! And it should also be able to deflect YOU.
Say I jump from a height, like the towers in facing worlds, and the instant before hitting the ground, I use the sonic blaster to deflect the ground, decelerating me to a speed where I land without even spranging my ankle... :D
Maybe it's to strong a weapon then, so it might be fair if it also would blow away anny carried flag?

1st Nov 2001, 09:53 PM
pleeaassee? Though I dont mean to beg...

4th Nov 2001, 09:34 PM
I dunno...
I'm kinda busy right now, but why don't you do it yourself?
I can help you out, and you'll learn coding at the same time...