View Full Version : Other UW engine games for Xbox!?

Tetris L
21st Oct 2001, 10:33 AM
I was a bit surprised to read the other day that New Legends (http://gamespot.com/gamespot/filters/products/0,11114,914122,00.html) is an Unreal engine game. The official website (http://www.thq.com/NewLegends) doesn't say anything about the engine, but for example this report (http://xbox.ign.com/previews/15495.html) does. New Legends looks like it's going to be pretty damn cool. Check the screenies and the videos to get an impression of the power that's in the UW engine.

Are there any more UW engine powered Xbox games out there that I'm not aware of?

21st Oct 2001, 10:41 AM
Wow! It's kind of like a Final Fight beat-'em-up game.