View Full Version : That's the attitude I like!

Tetris L
18th Oct 2001, 06:03 PM
From this weeks UC dev update (http://www.digitalextremes.com/developer/index.php):
Game related; we are implementing some elegant solutions to the old 'hardcore' vs. 'regular players' game play debates and topics (spamming is one of those). I will not go further into it other then to say that it will ease the pain suffered on both fronts.
DE, you rock! :):tup: After the special moves and the combo weapon modes you proof one more time that you listen at what gamers want.

I hope in UC server admins will be able to adjust a servers setting from "Regular" to "Hardcore", where 'hardcore' really deserves its name, not like UT's hardcore which is more the normal spam-o-rama. ;) From a real 'hardcore' server I expect spammy weapons toned down a lot, friendly fire on, higher speed, less ammo, ...

18th Oct 2001, 10:03 PM
Big thumbs up for Digital Extremes. I hope they stay involved in the Unreal Series.