View Full Version : ICC looking for help....CLCK ME

17th Oct 2001, 08:11 PM
THe ICC team is in need of a few key members. We are looking for PR a webmaster(we really need one) and a lead mapper.

Basically i want to keep this short:

PR- a public relations person basically pimps out and announces stuff for ICC. (no experience)

Webmaster- We are hosting on Planetunreal and you are given full access to unlimited space. You are more than welcome to use any web building script/program. (obviously need some experience)

Lead Mapper- Be in charge of our elite mapping division. You would be in full control of the maps. (little experience wanted, but not necessary)

The PU site is down....but here is the link

The site we have working right now is Geocities:

For more information you can email me at AteamDan@planetunreal.com