View Full Version : "Infiltration command" the infiltration mutator

17th Oct 2001, 12:05 AM
We had originally planed to make a real-time “real world combat” strategy warfare game for UT from scratch we got as far as producing a script that shoots a “hold this position” marker for directing the UT bots.

Then the latest version of infiltration was released with the bots diving for cover sneaking along crouched and customizable load outs for teams so now instead of reinventing the wheel we have decided to switch our development focus to creating a mutator for Infiltration.

This mutator will place the player in spectator mode allow them to select bots issue commands and moving orders and will set opponent bots meshes to invisible unless they are in view of one of your own soldiers.

We could use some help with the coding of this mutator so if you are familiar with the Infiltration Bot AI code or just knowledgeable with UT script then we sure could use your help