View Full Version : Unreal trouble!

25th Feb 2000, 11:56 PM
I have severe hangs and stuttering when I play Unreal(about every scene change :-( )

I've tried all resolutions and color depths, no success.

When i run in software mode it runs great. But who likes soft-rendering!

---Just like to note UT runs great---

I have:
128mb PC100 ram
MSI MS-6119 (i440BX Slot 1) Motherboard
Celeron 333 (128Kb L2) @ 333Mhz
Creative Labs Annihilator Pro (not o/c'ed)(GeForce256 DDR)(NVIDIA's ref drivers ver. 3.77)

26th Feb 2000, 05:04 AM
Hrm. Is it accessing your hard disk during the stuttering? If so, go to your advanced options > game engine setings > cachesizemegs and try setting it to 64. See what happens.

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